Best violins under 200-300-500-1000-1500 $ in 2021

Best Violin Guide comes up with an idea to categorize the Best violins of different brands on the basis of their Price Tags.  If you are looking best violins under 200-300-500-1000-1500 $ then this article is best for you.

We all have been in a situation where we want to buy something and encounter a wide range of variety with respect to quality and price. All that jumbled up information is enough to make us dizzy and is never helping in the process of decision making in the light of our budget restraints and our requirements.

The same problems occur when you try to buy a violin. There are so many brands with hundreds of extraordinary models to gush over making the decision process extremely hard.

Best Violins under 200$,300$,500$,1000$,1500$

Although, some people don’t want to consider the price factor than for those gentlemen, look at the best violin 2021, best electric violin articles.

Best Violins under 200-300-500-1000-1500 in 2021

Our team considers so many factors to list the best violins of different brands under different price tags. The considerable factors are a popular brand, best amazon reviews, most selling items, quality, accessories, and package detail. So we are providing the best violins under 200$,300$,500$,1000$,1500$ in 2020-21 list.

 Best Violins under 200$ 

There is another suitable title for the first category which is “best violins for beginners” as the price range is appropriate to the budget restrictions of novices.

Now the term ‘beginner violin’ usually resonates with cheap price or substandard quality violin. They do feature low-quality wood or even sometimes cheap plastic as raw material.

However, some known brands have up the game by manufacturing better quality violins to motivate and support students. The price range for student violins is from about $100 to $500 but we will remain true to our first category and enlist a few of the best violins under $200.

 Best Violins under 300$ 

The second category contains the best violins that are just under the price range of $300. It is basically just a psychological threshold and when you overcome this, you will encounter loads of options for beginners.

The range from $200 to $299 is where most of the renowned brands put their best violins for beginner students. It is also the range where intermediate level violins just start to exist.

Below are some of our best picks under $300.

 Best Violins under 500$ 

This fraction is basically the class of intermediate violins. So, the violin brands, after watching a particular paradigm shift for beginner violins, introduced the idea of a new category of violins for a little bit seasoned and committed violinists i.e. intermediate players.

Intermediate violins are great for musicians who want something better than a beginner instrument but are not quite ready to invest thousands of dollars in a professional violin.

Click Here to read the reviews on the best violins for the intermediate skilled violinist.

Here are some of our best picks under $500.

 Best Violins under $1000 

Moving on, the violin classified as intermediate is a middle ground between student and professional instruments. So the raw materials and strings they use get better as you move up in terms of spending the money.

According to some conservative critics the price range of an intermediate level violin lies in the range of $400 to $1,000. So basically the best violins under $1000 are of intermediate level. On the other hand, some liberal violinists claim that you can get a professional violin for just under $1000. So you might see some very good fiddles in this category.

They are generally hand-made and hand-varnished instruments using better quality of wood (mainly Spruce Top and one-piece Maple back) featuring better quality of strings. The customer care that brands offer with these kinds of violins is pretty much adequate.

You can click on the below list of the best violin under 1000$

 Best Violins under $1500 

Advance violins are the highest quality of violins used by graduate violin students and the professional for live performances or for studio recording purposes.

The skillful hands of luthiers do all the carvings, assembling, and finishing of Professional violins using raw materials of the highest quality.

These instruments, which are only appropriate for professional and advanced musicians, can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 but in this slot, we will mention the best quality of violins which may cost you right under fifteen hundred bucks.

Please check the below list for best violin under 1500$

Most Expensive Violins

Now, there is another category that is beyond everyone’s reach but yet inspires us and makes us fall in love all over again with the instrument people call Violin.

 The Vieuxtemps Guarneri Violin 

The Vieuxtemps Guarneri Violin, named after the world-renowned 19th Century composer Henri Vieuxtemps and the owner of the violin, is the one who holds the title of the most expensive violin. Its new owner (who bought it for 16 Million dollars) donated it to famous violinist Anne Meyers for the rest of her life. Vieuxtemps Guarneri Violin.

 Stradivarius Violins 

 Stradivarius ViolinsStradivarius violins built by members of the Italian family Stradivari, chiefly Antonio Stradivari during the 17th and 18th centuries. These violins, only a limited amount exist now, are famous for their supreme quality of sound which is arguably unachievable through any other violin.

Although the violins are priceless the market worth of a Stradivarius violin made in the 1680s can easily be up to several million dollars at today’s prices.

Following are the pictures of the Stradivari Violin, the “Ole Bull” and Stradivari Violin, the “Greffuhle” respectively.


To conclude, we have compiled the list of best violins for different price ranges. So now it’s up to you to choose the best violin according to your budget.

Our recommendation is when you are looking for a violin then check violin accessories are included with the violin package or not. If you want to look at violin accessories then please check our bow, strings, rosin, pegs & shoulder rest blogs.

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