Best Violin Strings 2021- Reviews & Buying Guide

There is no doubt that the best sound coming from the violin is a result of the good quality of the wood from where it carved, the finish applied on it and the quality of the bow, and so on but the most essential factor above all is the best strings of the violin.

Strings are the most fundamental ingredient of the violin and have a vital impact on the sound you produce. Even their different lengths, gauges, and materials do have different consequences on the outcome.

Best Violin Strings

So, it is a common belief that the best violin does have the best string set which is quite right for the most part but after playing out those strings it becomes a routine to find a new set of strings which is best for your violin and does not cost you much at the same time. If you are considering the cost then look at our best violins under 200 USD,300 USD,500USD  article.

Therefore, we have put together a list of best violin strings to save you from the struggle of choosing a set of strings best for your violin. In this list, we have come up with the top 07 best violin strings which will change your sound from oh to yeah!

Top Best Violin Strings 2020 & 2021

SR #

1) Prelude String Set by Daddario

Prelude String Set - Best Violin String 2020Prelude is most probably D’Addario’s most famous violin strings set constructed from the steel core.

D’Addario designed these strings with quick bow response and keeping the ease of use in mind, which are the main reasons why teachers and instructors prefer D’Addario’s Prelude violin strings.

The novices and advanced students love prelude strings as they generate warm tones and are affordable at the same time.

Solid steel core ensures the maximum durability as well as responsible for the famous warm sound that Prelude produces. The one of a kind design sealed pouches to make sure the safety and protection of the strings set.

  • Recommended by Teachers
  • Medium Tension
  • Unaffected by temperature and humidity
  • Affordable
  • Offers extra protection against corrosion
  • Available in Full Size (4/4) and other small sizes like 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16 and 3/4
  • Not very precise

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2) Thomastik Dominant Violin String Set

Thomastik Dominant Violin String SetThe violinists love Dominant as a brand because of their sheer excellence in manufacturing violin strings. Their attention to detail is something to look up to.

Their strings produce the sound which possesses the qualities of Gut Strings minus the issues. This is due to the materials they use.

Subsequently, Thomastik Dominant fabricated from Aluminum, Steel, and Perlon (a kind of nylon) guarantees a huge deal of flexibility. The said elasticity offers a more realistic and smooth sound.

Thomastik is a perfect fit for Professional Players as the extra flexibility allows them to improvise. On the other hand, the price range is also suitable for advanced players.

  • Feature ball strings
  • Original sound with mellow overtone
  • Enhanced playability
  • Out of Price range for the majority of the violinist

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3) Steelcore Strings Set by Super Sensitive

Steelcore Strings Set by Super SensitiveA Steelcore string set is a groundbreaking product by Super Sensitive promising and delivering everything that a beginner wants from its violin.

It is a go-to string set for novices who do not want to spend too much money on strings but want a quality string set who produces warm tones.

The music instructors from Suzuki recommend the Super Sensitive Steelcore strings due to their consistency. You will get the same sound every time you play and don’t have to readjust all the time.

One satisfied user shared his experience by saying “This is a very widely used set of strings for students. The strings were installed easily and did not stretch much during the first week or so. My violin stayed pretty much in tune right after I put the strings in. The sound through the violin is fine.

  • Economical
  • Full core steel with Nickel winding produces a warm overtone
  • Recommended by Suzuki’s music coaches
  • Need to replace for intermediate and onward skill level

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4) Stainless Steel Violin Strings Set by Cecilio

Stainless Steel Violin Strings By Cecilio BrandYou can always count on Cecilio as a violinist that its products will never disappoint you. The renowned strings set comes in four-packs containing the Pitches for G, D, A, and E.

The stainless steel made strings features Nickel winding and produce warm and round tones.

Subsequently, it is a perfect companion for students in their learning process as the adequately priced strings while the stainless steel core offers maximum durability.

Each pack contains four strings which imply that one would never run out of strings either at practice or performing.

  • Imported from the USA
  • Offers 4 packs of a violin set strings and 4 Stings per pack
  • Steel core round nickel wound with ball end
  • Pitches: G, D, A & E
  • Available in Sizes 4/4 to 1/32
  • Have to buy in bulk i.e. 4 packs

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5) Fiddlerman Violin Strings

Fiddlerman Violin StringsFiddlerman is always the name of trusted products and effective alternates. They have manufactured the perfect strings which bear a striking resemblance to the world’s most popular strings (i.e. Dominant) in terms of quality and durability but are under the range of just $40.

These strings are so good that the majority of the professionals couldn’t tell the difference in a blind test.

Exactly like Dominant, Fiddlerman Strings possess the qualities of gut strings minus the problems of it. These Synthetic core strings are of medium tension, optimized for most players! Each string is individually packed and sealed to protect from corrosion.

  • Synthetic Core (Perlon Core) String Set - No cheap Steel strings here!
  • Professionals couldn't tell this set apart from Dominant Strings in a blind test!
  • German-made Quality Violin String Set for Full Sized Violins (4/4 and 3/4)
  • Medium Gauge - Ball-end E (can remove)
  • Way more resistant to temperature and humidity
  • Produce soft, clear, and rich overtones
  • Some violin enthusiasts consider its use unethical as it is a “rip off”

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6) Helicore Violin Strings by D’Addario

Helicore Violin Strings by DGÇÖAddarioHelicore strings are an excellent pick for Novices and intermediate skilled violinists as they produce a crystal clear tone and have a very swift response.

Due to their supreme high quality, they have garnered some serious status in popular music over a decade.

The premium quality of the stranded steel core helps to create the Helicore strings and very much owe the credit for bringing a faultless warm tone.

A huge number of music critics and practitioners believe that Helicore is way superior to Prelude strings (also by D’Addario). However, they are a bit expensive but the quality and the durability covers it well.

  • Quality better than Prelude
  • Can use for concert performances and recordings as well
  • Offers excellent tonal experiences
  • Not best as compared to some of the entries in this list

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7) Pirastro Wondertone Gold- Violin String

Pirastro Wondertone Gold- Violin StringPirastro is another violin strings brand well revered among maestros manufacturing Gold series. Soloists love the Wondertone when Gold E string paired up with Dominant.

Wondertone is Gut Strings but manufactured from customized and Syntactic Fiber which allows the ever-loving sudden response and even break-in period as well.

However, playing these strings would be somewhat different as they are Gut Strings which are quite different from your common strings and you might need to adjust your bow speed as well.

  • Delivers some of the warmest tones
  • Produces round sounds
  • Quite costly
  • Rather different to play

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Best Violin String Guide

 Selecting the Right Violin Strings 101 

Some violinists keep on using the strings they think are best over the years and do not want to change however there is another fraction of violinists who tend to try different types of strings to find the best for themselves. The music market is full of options as some are great while the rest is not so bad at all.

Subsequently, selecting the right violin strings could turn into a disaster if you don’t know what to look for. Obviously, you always can get an opinion of a professional or read reviews on the internet but learning about the technicalities won’t hurt your chances of getting a perfect violin string set.

The materials with which strings manufactured have a great impact on the sound they produce. Have a look!

 Gut core 

The gut core is the first and original type of strings that can trace back to the time of the creation of the violin itself. Usually manufactured from sheep intestines, they possess lower tension but produce complex and rich tones. The lower tension results in the slower response and therefore explains the need of regular tuning.

 Steel core 

The steel core strings first came into existence in the twentieth century. Initially, it was only E string but later on maestros incorporated other steel core strings featuring chrome windings. They produce quite a brighter tone but don’t exhibit the complexity of Gut core. The most glaring feature is its quick response.

 Synthetic Core 

Almost forty years ago an Austrian Company manufactured the synthetic core strings using Perlon, basically a form of Nylon, and it was a sudden hit due to their stable pitch. It was Thomastik-Infeld and the strings were Dominant Strings. Basic idea was to achieve some sort of complex tonal quality of Gut Core without its drawbacks.

 String Gauge  

String’s gauge is its width or thickness, not the tension. There, I have said it! It is a very generic mistake made by novices. The gauge has an enormous amount of effect on the sound produced by the strings like strings with big gauge (thicker, Stark) will have a slow response and generate darker tones.

 String Tension 

I cannot stress enough that string tension is different from the string’s gauge. They are interrelated but not the same. The tone is heavily associated with the string’s tension. String’s tension can categorize as light, medium, and heavy. To understand this, lower the tension means malleability while higher tension means quick response and warm tones.

Best Violin String FAQs

 What are the signs that your strings need to replace? 

There are few signs to look for which tell you that your violin needs a new set of strings. They are:

  • When played over 300 hours
  • If you regularly play in humid conditions
  • When the sound quality drops even after tuning
  • When you reach the next level of playing
 How to clean the strings after playing? 

Violinists always advise cleaning the instrument after a session, whether you practice or perform. The lint-free cloth is preferable for strings cleaning. You also need to clean the arch between the fingerboard and bridge otherwise it will amass the rosin.

 How to select the best violin strings for my violin? 

Every violin is different which explains why the strings of the same brand sound different on different violins. Therefore, one should settle on a specific brand which suits them better after trying different brands. On the other hand coupling, different strings are another great option.


Going shopping to buy a new set of strings may feel like a Monday in your pocket but having all the information you need could turn that scenario into an early Christmas. We certainly hope you benefit from the information we provide in this article!

If you want to know about the best violin for kids, beginners, and advanced students then please follow our best violin category. Furthermore, we will highly recommend you other violin accessories articles: Best violin Bow, Shoulder rest & Rosin.

Be Happy!!

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