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Rosin is though a smaller thing, yet it has a higher importance in violin playing all the way, and a careless pick may result in an unpleasant outcome of tone. That’s why we at the best violin guide reviewed the best violin rosins.

Best Violin Rosins

More or less than fifty brands of rosins are available there in the market. A player with time and with the improvement of its skill gets to know, which one is better to be rubbed through the strings of its expensive instrument to let it speak more melodious and sweet.

Students and beginners often do not take a rosin selection that serious, but the more they learn, the stronger they have a relationship with perfect rosin.

Natural resin is obtained from pine trees (crude turpentine) or other plants i.e. conifers. Heat is applied to this liquid resin, to let the liquid terpene components be vaporized to purify it. The obtained solid and glassy form of it is called Rosin.

Rosin can also create an unpleasant situation for rosin allergic individuals. To avoid it, they should preferably go for a natural formula to lessen the threat. Keeping the instrument properly cleaned may also help to avoid reactions.

Let’s have a look at some of the top-selling brands available out there, and see what do they offer.

 Best Violin Rosins Top Picks 

Best Violin Rosin

Best Violin Rosin 2020

D'Addario Kaplan Premium Rosin

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2nd Best Violin Rosin

2nd Best Violin Roisn

Jade L'Opera JADE Rosin (Collectors Box)

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List of  Best Violin Rosins of 2021

Here are the top 9 best violin Rosins of 2021.

1- D'Addario Kaplan Premium Rosin with Case, Dark

 D'Addario Kaplan Premium Rosin with Case, Dark.D’Addario is a USA based strings manufacturing brand, they also offer the accessories thereto. Their Kaplan premium rosin comes in a one-hand operated case, which not only keeps the rosin cake safe but is easy to use as well.

This is low dust rosin. They claim that this is an original formula passed on from Ladislav Kaplan, the founder of Kaplan musical string company, serving in the industry since 1906.

This premium rosin is prepared with natural high-quality ingredients in new york. A high standard quality control system is supervising all preparation procedures.

Similarly to keep it safe and well protected, it stays in the sophisticated casing.  Both the lighter and darker type rosins are available in this category.

As we discussed earlier the darker rosin has more grip than the lighter one. You can pick one of your choices.

Moreover, there is a dial provided under the box to rotate the cake over time to avoid groove and for uniformed smooth usage. It weighs 2.4 ounces with 3.4 x 5.4 x 8.8 inches dimensions.

  • Available in light and dark quality
  • Ingredients are natural
  • Work equally both on synthetic and horsehair
  • Passed through quality control standards
  • The beautiful casing ensures protected storage
  • Rotatable for distributed even use
  • Careful use is necessary to avoid your bow touch the box spring when the cake is near to the end.

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2- Jade L'Opera JADE Rosin-Collectors Box

Jade L'Opera JADE Rosin (Collectors Box)Made in France, a recipe being used for centuries. This pick is beautiful jade-colored rosin having a Stradivarius design. It comes in a beautiful wood box, every piece engraved with a unique design.

In addition, when shipped against any order, a crush-resistant box is used for packing to be delivered in perfect condition. It is a suitable choice for all the string families For instance violins, violas, and cellos.

Jade L’Opera is the perfect rosin for both winter and summer. Similarly, it is a dust-free formula, which means the lowest interaction with the human body, which reduces the fear of negative reactions.

There is a mystery in the market that it may turn the color of hair into green, but people who have used it, do believe that it's not true. There are other options also available under this brand, with variable characteristics thereof. Jade L’Opera is known for its strong and smooth grip.

Moreover, it does not damage the varnish layer, it translates into that it has a scratchless application so that your bow and strings will feel happy with such friendly rosin.

I shall share the concluding words taken from a player having over fifty years of playing experience who, through the time,  have used a variety of rosins. He said that going through all the varieties even far expensive, he always came back to Jade.

  • Smooth and firm grip
  • Does not scratch the varnish
  • Elegant wooden container
  • Available for violin viola and cello
  • Variety of options available under the brand
  • Using something on the surface (as some people do before first use) may break it.

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3- Pirastro Goldflex Rosin

Pirastro Goldflex RosinPirastro has a history of 200 years in the industry and is the largest selling brand in the string, around the globe. It is based in Offenbach Germany.

Pirastro Goldflex rosin is known for creating brighter and warm tones. This 1.4 ounces rosin is equally liked by professionals as well as beginners.

It comes to you as a round-shaped cake wrapped in a satin fabric which keeps it safe from the external climate during storage. It is suitable for all the stringed instruments i.e. violin, viola, and cello. Similarly, it works uniformly to all types of strings.

Moreover, Pirastro Goldflex Rosin is formulated with the addition of real gold flecks, which translates into a smoother grip. 84 percent customer has marked it as five stars.

A parent shared that they bought this product on the recommendation of an online tutor for their kids, and they found it far better than any other choice available out there. Similarly, another user-reviewed that it will be your ultimate choice unless you over apply it.

  • Smoother Grip
  • Suitable for all types of strings
  • Available for Violins, Violas, and Cellos
  • Gold Fleck's formula for a brighter sound
  • Over rosining may respond inappropriately
  • May cause an allergic reaction to some people

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4- Sound harbor (2pack) YJ-F01 Rosin

­­­­Sound harbor (2pack) YJ-F01 RosinA lighter rosin yellow in the color. This handmade rosin is perfect for all bowed instruments as well as a nice match for almost all the string types.

Adding to the features, it's a low dust formula, which is supposed to be friendly with human skin. In other words, there are almost no chances of it to react harmfully against the human body.

Similarly, it has more adhesion with the strings which results in a more clear bow striking and it creates a more timbre and delicate sound. The beauty of this is double usage than others.

Moreover, a number of professionals are recommending it, as a good choice for beginners and students. The price is so affordable. You get two pieces in the package. It weighs only 2.4 ounces.

Above all 79 percent of the customers have rated it five stars on Amazon. That is strong evidence of customer satisfaction.

  • Buy one get two
  • Double time usage
  • Good for synthetic as well as metal strings
  • Recommended by experienced pros
  • Not harmful to human skin
  • Major climate change may affect the response of the product
  • Some players may prefer a darker one.

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5- Super Sensitive Light Violin Rosin

 Super Sensitive Light Violin RosinOur next pick is a cheaper one. Multiple options are there for your selection under the brand. It is made with original high-quality resin. And so light in weight For Instance it weighs only 0.32 ounces.

This light variety rosin comes to you residing in a strong wood casing, with a slider for an easy application. The brand also offers you options which are a bit expensive, but this one starts only from 4.90 US dollars.

The lighter rosin is suitable for high humidity and when there is more moisture outside. It provides a perfect grip on the instrument for a better sound projection.

Good rosin in addition to a rational applying technique may create a hundred times enhanced translation of your bow strokes. You can use this one so easily and the rest depends on your application technique.

Above all this product has the trust of many users as 78 percent customer has 5 starred it. One of them shared his views that he loves the encasing style of it, as it restrains the natural finger oil to be transmitted to the bow through rosin.

Another fan of a super-sensitive brand thinks that one will definitely find better rosin in the market, though its the best as compare to its price.

  • Wooden casing
  • Low price
  • Better grip
  • Some professionals may not find it perfect for more high tones

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6- The Original Hill Dark Rosin

 The Original Hill Dark RosinOur next pick is an amazon choice. Original hill brand dark rosin is suitable for violin viola and cello. Dark green-colored this rosin is a bit softer and better in grip than the same brand light rosin.

Globally used by professionals, this brand is a high-quality product available at a low price as compared to other options there in the market.

The dark rosin is perfect for dry and cool weather, while lighter rosin is also available under the same brand and quality for humid climate use.

It comes to you secured in a padded velvet wrapping, which works as a high-quality shell and keeps the rosin stored safely, Also, it keeps your fingers away from touching rosin, which has a two-way benefit, for instance, human finger oil stays away from laying on the rosin.

On the other hand, it stops rosin to touch your skin, meaning thereby, no fear of the reaction to allergic skin in the course of applying it.

It creates a thicker layer than others, and a fair amount of dust, which translates into better friction and a richer sound thereof.

The product weighs only 0.64 ounces and amazon is delivering it to almost every part of the world with different shipping options.

  • Original hill brand
  • Suitable for humid weather
  • Option available for the dry climate as well
  • More grip to the strings
  • Secured in a soft velvet wrapping
  • Suits to all string family
  • Beautiful dark greenish look
  • Creates more dust than a lighter rosin
  • May not perform accordingly in high humidity

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7- MOREYES Bow Rosin (2 pack)

MOREYES Bow Rosin (2 pack)Suitable rosin for violins, violas, and cellos, by Moreyes, is another example of cheaper options available out there. It is a 2 pieces offer, in which one cake will come to you in a round shape, and the other will be a square block.

This two-pack rosin is made of natural resin only, it's comparatively hard rosin having a low dust formula. Being made of natural resin make it atmosphere friendly rosin. Similarly, it is completely harmless for human skin.

Moreover, if you want to play for long its even layer helps you a lot. It is strongly adhesive and helps sensitive pronunciation which means a clear and warmer sound.

Let me share some of the precise user reviews for your interest, For example, one said that its a fast serving rosin of good quality. Similarly, another grabbed my attention who was saying that it's exactly as described.

Last but not least there was a sweet and jolly comment, which I have never seen anywhere before, the user said, the producer of this rosin deserves the money. How sweet!

  • Comes in a two-piece package
  • Natural Resin, No harm to skin
  • Eco-friendly low dust formula
  • Strong adhesion
  • Multiple affordable options available
  • May not perfect for bass
  • May break easily

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8- Natural Low Dust Rosin by WOGOD (4P-Red)

Natural Low Dust Rosin (4P-Red)This one by WOGOD comes to you weighing 3.34 ounces. Surprised? Its because you are going to get 4 pieces to pack at a very very reasonable price. Beautiful reddish rosin is totally handmade and designed to be used with violins, cellos, and violas as well.

Similarly, its low dust formula reduces harmful threats to the human body. While its friction level enhances the sound quality and offers a bit louder output.

Moreover, every piece fixed in a sturdy plastic casing for a protected use thereof. WOGOD rosin is a trusted product by several musicians.

Above all efficient after-sale customer support is provided by the brand to every buyer in addition to a lifetime warranty coming with every item.

  • 4 Pack deal
  • Low dust 100% natural formula
  • Totally Handmade
  • Lifetime after-sale support
  • Improved instrument sensitivity
  • May break if dropped or thrown carelessly

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9- Andrea Solo Violin Rosin 1/2 Cake

Andrea Solo Violin Rosin 12 CakeEnding up with a little pricier, going to present Andrea Solo Violin Rosin. This is amber color rosin, which has a medium level stickiness feature.

It comes to you in a half size cake thickness than the rest. Possibly you might think that it's too costly, but it appears from the reviews and market survey that it's indeed a product worth paying for.

Amber rosin is wonderful for both the weather levels, it works all the ways fine when the weather is not at any of the extremes. For travelers, this may be the best pick to perform uniformly in an unknown climate destination.

Moreover, it provides the richest sound, a sound as rich as a beginner may notice the difference. It's not an exaggeration but opinion has drawn for the professionals and teachers who have used it themselves but also experimented with this product with their students.

Similarly, it smells very nice and needs a little quantity to use, which means a longer usage. In other words, do not worry about its half size, it will pay you back more than others do. It resides in a safe hard plastic casing, which rescues it from being smashed while stored in your violin case.

Above all many allergic individuals have reviewed this item that it allows them to practice for long without facing any irritation. It really has almost no negative reaction even to allergic skin. What else the highest benefit may be.

Finally going through the market research this one seems to be perfect in the sense that You will surprisingly receive the nicest tones than any other rosin out there.

  • Better for a mild climate
  • Strongly recommended by High-class professionals
  • Smells pleasant
  • Needs less application
  • Sturdy plastic casing
  • Plastic case may break if dropped on a hard floor
  • You seriously maybe addict of it

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Violin Rosin Buyer Guide

We understand that a large range of options is available out there and picking the best rosin is a tough job. Talking about the violin playing, performing great is about a great relationship between the bow and string.

And rosin is the key factor to built an affection between the two. There may be some lucky people who’re the first pick becomes their final choice, the rest need to go through the experiments and practices to achieve a stage where they come to know, what they want.

So if you are not in the first category, there is nothing to worry about. Don't mess with the things which you have not gone through, simply pick the best to your understanding and start with it. The more you will use something, the better you will understand the differences and needs.

We can just help you out to understand how does it generally works. It will lead you to a starting point. To a final destination, you would only be lead through your experience. There are a few things that are worth knowing about what a rosin is and how does it work.

 What is rosin : 

Rosin is a sticky compound that, when applied on the hair of your bow, provides it a friction point when touched with the instrument string. The level of friction is a key factor in the quality and nature of sound outcomes.

It is a kind of lubrication to keep the hair alive also, but it can harm if not properly apply on BOW hairs

 Rosin  Material : 

The natural recipe of rosin is that made of natural resin which is obtained from the pine trees initially, it later goes through a purification heat process that evaporates the liquid terpene components and other impure elements from it.

Here comes the point when a resin maker adds its own specified formula or recipe to it and takes it to different categories and quality levels.

Though no maker ever likes to share its particular recipe being a business secret of it. Yet we generally know that some other metals use for variable performance. For instance, mixing gold with it creates a warmer tone.

Copper addition results in a smoother effect and a velvety sound thereof. The same way it features a brighter sound when added silver to the formula.

 Rosin Types : 

There are basically two distinct categories i.e. Light and Dark. Each of the two has different characteristics and is usable in different climates.

It is possible, some rosins are only for some special brands. But the common trend of today is that most of the brands are making rosins that are suitable for nearly all instruments and all types of strings.

A general formula is said to be that, “thicker the strings, softer the rosin”.

The difference between the light and dark rosin is on the basis of climate and performance as well. Light rosins are harder in nature while the dark one is softer and stickier.

Whenever there is no moisture/humidity out there in case of dry and cool weather, it needs to provide more stickiness between the strings and the bow. And for that purpose, the dark rosin use due to softer and stickier.

And vice versa in a more humid climate the light rosins are perfect as they are harder. The light rosin is yellower and glassy in color while the dark one may come in a straight dark or dark green either. Presently there is another medium category which is amber color rosin having a medium level of stickiness.

Important to know is that rosin is flammable stuff, so never should expose in front of the flame. Similarly, the harder is it, the easier to broke.

Sound quality also varies with the rosin class. The light rosin being harder creates a more treble frequency which translates into a brighter sound while the dark rosin is known for its warmer tone creativity.

 Application : 

The original bow hair doesn't have a stickiness to the strings which it gets from a rosin application. Rosin lubricates the dry hair to create that sticking behavior, on the other hand, the overuse of it may also cause a hardened effect to the bow hair which can result in fast-breaking hair.

A fresh cake of rosin needs a lesser application to the bow as compared to a dried-out one. Generally, three to five strokes up and down are perfect enough for a regular playing session.

Considering the length of the session you may need more. Rosin should be applied in gentle and long strokes. Over rosining lets, you see a cloud-like thing in the air above your instrument.

 Usage of Rosin 

It is used as an ingredient for several products For instance varnishes, glues, printing inks, sealing waxes, and many others as well. It is also used in various fields for its capacity to enhance friction.

An Interesting fact is that ballet dancers use rosin, to avoid slipping, on the shoes, as well as the gymnasts, to enhance grip.

Haired bows to play a stringed instrument are the main client of rosin. It is applied to the hair ribbon of the bows to bless them with an enhanced friction level to create a better clear sound when touching to the strings.

 Rosin Shapes 

Rosin is available in two shapes: cakes or blocks. It normally has colors from a glassy seethrough yellow to black, varying with the characteristics thereof.

The lighter the color, more the beneficial in humid and moisty climate, while for dry and cool weather, the darker ones are perfect accordingly.

In other words with the change of weather and climate, rosin should not blame for responding surprisingly. That’s why the players normally use different rosins for different weather and areas.

Some players like to apply powdered rosin to new bow hair, to get the hair sufficiently rosined fast. But for regular use such as immediately before playing, rosin cakes or blocks use to rub thereto.

Similarly, it is important to know that how much the rosin should apply to your precious bow hairs. Overuse of rosin may cause speedy damage to the hair ribbon as the hair becomes rigid and easily breakable with irrational usage.

If you are still searching, how to rosin your bow the first time. Then you can check the below video.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

There are some FAQs to present a more clear viewpoint and guidance regarding the topic. I hope that will answer the question in your mind.

 1- Should  Rosins use or Should not? 

The short and sweet answer to this basic question is “Yes”, you definitely need rosin as without it a bow never can create an audible melodious output.

There is no friction between the bow and the string originally so playing without rosining it may create a noice but not music. There is no option.

 2- How can we take care of rosin? 

Almost all the rosins come with a storage material that the rosin can reside in safely. All you need to do is, to avoid it from being dropped or thrown, which will break the rosin into pieces.

The second thing is taking care of burn as it is a flammable compound. Moreover, don't rub your hand or fingers on it so that the oil from the fingers may spoil its performance. And finally, try not to leave it uncovered i.e in the sunlight, etc.

 3- Can rosin be harmful to the human body? 

Rosin can react to some persons. Allergy symptoms are appeared in that case to the skin i.e. on hand and arms, but it may extend to the face or eyes as well.

Its generally because of microscopic dust particles that may get into your eyes, nose, or mouth. Switching to natural formulas, low dust formulas is the best option in that case. (Don’t worry, neither it happens to everyone, nor very often.)

 4- How long rosin may last? 

There may be many technical answers to this question. But speaking simply and straight to the point, if you store rosin properly i.e. don't leave it open to the climate, and use it gently, you do not need to worry at least for two years or more. Though there is no expiry date thereof.

 5- How often rosin should be used? 

According to the professionals, a fine rosin application may last up to three to four hours on your bow, the rule varies with the aggression level of your playing and the tones you are playing.

There is no hard and fast rule to it. It's you to decide when your bow needs re-rosining. With more practice, you become able to feel when the instrument starts losing its grip.

Concluding with the proverb “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself ”. You may find uncountable mysteries about the topic, while to my understanding, once you start your journey therewith, you start learning what you actually need.

Do not put yourself in the hassle of choosing the perfect one at the first jump. Just start with a good one to your understanding, it will not cost you a lot. Let your bow tell you, whom is she comfortable with.

Mostly people not so much focus on violin accessories although the fact is it's very important. Every violinist should much take care of shoulder rest, pegs, strings, bridges, etc.

Be Happy!!

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