Best Violin Pegs – 2021 Collection [Reviews & Buyer Guide]

You can find several best Violin Pegs available in the market varying from the material to its features, ornamentation, and colors. A violin peg may either be made of plastic or wood.

Every stringed instrument is made of combining several parts that are supposed to perform different functionalities resulting in a final tune thereof.

For instance, a shoulder or chin rest provides a better grip so that the player can perform more fluently, while a quality bow decides what will be the sound outcome.

Similarly, a peg is there to control the strength of its strings. When you tighten the string or loosen it up by turning the peg in or out, the result thereof reflects from the pitch, your instrument does create.

Best Violin Pegs

There may also be a combination of wood and synthetic material. They can be simple and plain while you can find well decorated and beautifully carved too.

Similarly, different sizes will be there for your convenience to fit into different fractional sizes of instruments. Obviously, there are different price ranges depending on the above-mentioned features in relation to the brands they relate to. You can choose what suits you best.

Though finally, we can say that choosing the right peg set is as important as knowing how to fix and tune it well. In this article, we shall try to answer all of the most common queries regarding the topic.

As well as having a look at the most famous products available in the market to help you decide what is best for you.

We are describing some of the top-selling brands for your interest along with the pros and cons. Stay with us!!

 Best Violin Pegs Top Picks 

Best Violin Peg

Best Violin Pegs

Ebony Violin Tuning Pegs Set

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Best Violin Pegs


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List of Best Violin Pegs 2021

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1- Ebony Violin Tuning Pegs Set

Ebony Violin Tuning Pegs SetOur first pick of the best violin peg is from EMART brand. It suits a 4/4 violin and can also work with 3/4 size. This is an ebony wood peg set. A hardwood peg set that will fit into your pegbox gently without any sanding and modification.

Moreover, the price is sufficiently reasonable. This 4 piece product will come to you carrying pre-drilled holes on it. You probably may need a little shaving before using it with a new build, but that is a natural deal.

Similarly, you can use it as a perfect replacement for the older ones, came along with your precious instrument.

Above all 66% of buyers have rated it 5 stars on Amazon, which is evident directly to the quality of the product.

  • Hard Ebonywood
  • More durable
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Customer trusted
  • Best for 4/4 violin
  • Reasonable price
  • May need some modification in exceptional cases.
  • Some professionals will go for a little more progressive.

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2- SKY 4/4 Rosewood Violin Pegs

SKY Rosewood Violin PegsThis beautiful violin pegs set is a five-piece product actually comes up including a sophisticated endpin along with. All the pieces i.e. pegs and endpins are made of rosewood material and finely finished skin for a sustainable look.

The product has a light wood color providing it a beautiful face along with gentle adjustability into your pegbox. Moreover, these pegs are handcrafted on the grip side of the tuner, blessing it with royal design.

A golden shade dot looks like a crown on the head. It's a perfect match for the full-size professional violins i.e. 4/4 violins. The sky violin pegs come to you undrilled, and untapered, so that you can get it modified according to the pegbox requirement.

This translates into that while buying online, a buyer won't have an opportunity to try the product, so the sky brand believes in leaving the adjustment related features on the shoulders of the buyer, to make the product best matched even to the instrument which is previously treated oddly and has lost their original built.

Similarly, sky brands take a buyer’s choice very seriously, that is why they have offered a range of options within the product.

For instance,  you can pick either engraved or uncarved pieces, as well as a black ebony wood peg set with different engraving styles and dot colors, jujube wood pegs set with similar multiple options.

In other words, you can find your best pick under the brand, which will not only perform well to please your ears, so much so its elegant look will please your eyes to enhance the sensation.

  • Suitable for 4/4 violin
  • Wide range of color and designs available
  • Beautifully carved
  • Durable Rosewood product
  • One may ask for a pre holed and tapered product

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3- Mxfans 4pcs Ebony Tuning Peg Kit

Mxfans 4pcs Ebony Tuning PegLet’s talk a bit about the 3/4 size violin accessory. Mxfans throws a 4 piece peg set for your needs. Selective ebony wood blesses the Mxfans pegs set, with several features.

First of all, it is a durable and long-life material, being most resistant to climate effects such as humidity and temperature. The sturdy nature of ebony not only gives it a perfect gripping in the pegbox but also provides a finely accurate winding experience. You will not receive a slipping behavior from it.

Similarly, the look makes it eye-catching and elegant. Black colored pegs are nicely decorated with a shell dot on the top, which looks like a star up above the dark sky.

Moreover, ebony wood is more responsive to the sound vibrations and provides uninterrupted transmission of amplitude. It is a 6.2x2.2x0.6cm/2.44x0.86x0.23 inch product weighing around 21 grams.

Above all Mxfans provides a replacement warranty to its customers to retain their trust. Every product from the store of Mxfans carries a unique MPN (Manufacturing Part Number) on its body.

In case of a bad experience, this number works as a reference for the product to be original.

  • High-quality ebony wood
  • Long life service
  • Less vulnerable to weather
  • Elegant black look
  • Perfect sound transmission
  • After-sale replacement service
  • Finest winding with unskippable placement
  • Fast selling items, may be unavailable for short spans.

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4- WITTNER ZW 916 Peg for 4/4 and 3/4 Violins

WITTNER ZW 916 PegWITTNER by Germany enjoys a large number of fans following the brand with an unshakable trust level. I have gone through the reviews where people used to say that whenever they need an accessory to their stringed instrument, and one is available under the Wittner brand, they only go for it instead of trying any other name. Such an amazing level of trust.

The product under review is a 3/4 and 4/4 matching peg set. It is a 4 piece pegs set using “High-Tech” composite in addition to a light alloy.

The black color peg design looks beautiful as well as it provides a gentle grip to your pegbox.. Its synthesized formula results in a more durable and deformable product for long term playing.

Similarly, you will receive a sophisticatedly fine and smooth tuning experience, which they are specialized for, working either on the bass side or the treble. Moreover, 73% of customers rate it as 5 stars on Amazon which is no doubt a huge ratio in the market.

Above all, you never need to worry about less or more humidity out there. Either the temperature is low or high, you have nothing to do with that as well. This one will not let, a climate change, affect its shape or performance.

  • Fit for 3/4 and 4/4 violins
  • Elegant black look
  • Composite material plus light-alloy provides ultimate durability
  • Highly weather-resistant
  • Costumer trusted brand
  • Smoother tuning
  • In exceptional cases, one may consult a luthier for a slight reaming for the first time.
  • May need time to time adjustment depending on your playing aggression and length.

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5- Anton Breton VP-143 Violin Tuning Pegs

Anton Breton VP-143 PegsOur next pick is a Boxwood product by Anton Breton. This comes to you in a 4 piece set. You can use it with your new violin as well as it is most recommended as a replacement for your vintage instrument.

Anton Breton presents a wide range of options in the pegs family, varying not only on the basis of size and beautification but the material also.

Similarly, you will find choices from cheaper to the most pricier ones. For Instance, the most expensive examples are made of high-quality ebony or ornamented with a gold plated metal ball thereon.

Similarly, various fractional sizes such as ranging from 4/4 to 1/16 are available for your exact selection. The set under review is an A grade hill-style boxwood made peg set.

The classically designed, tilting to a slightly dark shade, finely polished wood peg is decorated with an Ebony ball on the head.

It comes to you in perfect shape but you will find the shaft a little oversize genuinely so that you can modify it according to your need.

This feature preferably helps the peg to sit in an oddly handled peg box. As a perfect replacement. Similarly, the product is not pre-drill, you need to drill it yourself if you know how to do it, or to consult a professional, though this is not a big deal.

VP-143 is a boxwood peg suitable for 4/4 violins, moreover, you can choose either VP-140, VP-141, or VP-142 if you prefer ebony or rosewood material.

Finally, I can say that if you want a peg set of your specifications regarding material as well as ornamentation, and if you want a ready for the final fitting product, You should go through this brand. You will surely find one appropriately of your choice.

  • A grade boxwood for longer service
  • Less vulnerable to climate changes
  • Beautifully ornamented in a variety of options
  • Ready for final fitting
  • Perfect for both new and used instrument
  • Not pre-drilled
  • You need to visit a luthier for final adjustment

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6- Lovermusic Ebony Tuning Pegs Type “C”

Lovermusic Ebony Tuning PegsLovermusic brand presents violin peg options from Type “A” to Type “E” depending on the size of instruments. We have picked a Type “C” product for your interest. It's a 1/4 size Violin peg replacement.

The price of this ultraportable product is as low as 6.79 USD as of today. The items come in a 5 piece set including a beautiful endpin.

These pegs are from a wood family which is hard in nature to provide its durability. The beautiful black sturdy pegs are designed for a perfect replacement to you 1/4 violin, which will go through a long term partnership with the instrument. Similarly, the item is perfect for a new build as well.

The tuner size is approximately 50 x 18mm/1.97 x 0.71 inch while the end Pin is 28 x 12mm/1.1 x 0.47 inch. The package weighs around 13 grams.

An expert tip is that if you are looking for a cheaper replacement or want to carry an extra set of pegs in your violin kit, this one is perfect.

  • 5 piece including endpin
  • Elegant black look
  • Durable wood material
  • Good pick as the lowest price comparison
  • Most recommended as an extra set of pegs
  • You may go for a pricier one being a professional
  • Not pre holed. Need to consult a fiddle shop

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7- 100pcs violin pegs 4/4 natural Ebony wood

100pcs violin pegsLastly, I have chosen a business deal to share with you. A wholesale offer from the point of a businessman, a fiddle shop owner, or something like that.

ROY has offered a 100 pieces deal at a wonderful price as low as 200 USD. Which means to have one peg piece against 2 USD.

You as a businessman may understand the pros and cons of this offer better, that is not my cup of tea. Though I would like to share the specifications offered by the seller about these pieces.

It displays as a natural Ebony pegs bundle on the amazon store. The black color looks really decent as each piece is nicely finished. The pegs are not pre holed through tapered and ready for a final fitting.

That translates into either you can make them ready to sell to an end customer, otherwise, they can consult to a luthier to have it fitted finally according to their pegbox requirement.

This deal may also benefit in the shape of a single piece, two-piece, or three-piece offers, for people who do not need a full set. Similarly, it can work with a 4 piece package as a complete set. Customers are giving 5 stars to this deal.

You can think about the deal from a businessman’s point of view.

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Violin Pegs Buyer Guide

Are you a beginner i.e. student and you have kind of wood pegs on your violin? Do you own a smaller size violin having fine tuners on its tail? In either case, you don't need to worry about the tuning pegs.

Otherwise, you should continue reading. Hereby we are going to share some interesting facts about the violing pegs, which will not only enhance your knowledge but also will help your skill in this regard.

 Violin Peg 

A violin peg is a tuning key attached to your violin (or other stringed instruments as well variably). You will see the strings winded around the peg and when you rotate the peg holding it from the external wider part, it changes the stretch level of the string.

 The functioning of violin Peg 

The functioning of a violin peg is most alike as it is of a lock and the key. Twisting a key in the lock hole can lock it or unlock it. Similarly, The peg is placed and affixed in the peg hole of your violin, and twisting it clockwise or anti-clock, may tighten or loosen the string attached thereto.

Variant tension levels of strings translate into the change of pitch because loosening or tightening of the strings offers a different sound frequency based on the vibrations.

The violin peg comes with a slight taper on its body, this provides a loosening facility in the peg hole when you pull it a little out from the hole while rotating it. And with pushing it back in, after adjusting the required tension level, the hole catches the thicker part tight, so that it gets affixed on that position.

Violin pegs must have a hole for the string to be anchored through it. But most of the pegs come unperforated and you need them to get drilled by an expert. Though it's a simple job.

So if you do not buy a pre-holed set of pegs, you will have to approach the nearest facility for this purpose. Smaller size violins normally have fine tuners on the tail side for this job but there is no way to deal with a full-size violin than having a set of quality pegs on it.

There can be products decorated highly to look more catchy in addition to their functionality, and there may also be the pieces which do focus only on their serviceability instead of the looks thereof.

 Point to consider 

The material of the peg matters to its durability and its capability. That translates into that going for a cheaper product may cause you severe inconvenience.

Playability of instrument is not the main subject of a peg, it's the adjustability for what you are going to play. The strength of the string decides the vibration frequency and that results in the level of pitch finally.

The looser the string, the lower the pitch, and vice versa.

 Quality of Pegs 

The quality of a peg’s material can affect its functionality. The most common issues with a violin peg can be either its stickiness or the slipperiness.

In the case of stickiness, you may face difficulty to tune it well before starting a new playing session, while in the case of slippery it can be more horrible.

For instance, if it slips while you are playing and your string gets detune or loose, you can imagine what it will result in.

 Climate Affect 

Climate may affect the affixation of the peg very seriously. As with the change in humidity level or temperature out there, the peg hole of your instrument does expand or shrink accordingly, so as the peg does.

That nominal fluctuation of size may substantially affect the grip between the peg and hole. It may stick in the hole and make the tuning difficult, or in case of expansion of the hole, a peg starts slipping and can not stay where it should be.

In either case, you can face a deviation of tones from the normality you require. There are solutions available to solve these problems, so do not need to worry about it.


If we talk about violin Pegs Material, it can vary from plastic to wood. Within the wood there are more subdivisions, which have ranges from cheaper to pricier, as well as, the durability and responsiveness is also a key factor to their classification accordingly.

Plastic pegs

No one recommends it, nor you will find them good in performance. The reason behind this is that synthetic material of them doesn't have a grip on the wood of pegbox. Which translates into a continuous slipperiness and unpleasant working thereof.

You can find plastic pegs coming along with very low priced instruments, or instruments ordered from a less reputable online store. One should be very careful about the fact. Adding to the fact, it is important to share that presently some brands are offering nonwooden pegs, made of composite material, which are performing well.

Wood Pegs

Three types of wood used to make violin pegs.

1) Ebony Wood

Ebony Wood is the best out of them. This remains the best for making a violin peg because of its sturdy nature. Its the hardest than any other.

That’s why Ebony wood provides more durability to the peg and a better fit in thereof. Similarly, it is more resistant to climate change. Ebony wood does not easily receive effects from the weather out there.

It would be the last to deform, because of humidity or temperature, as compared to other woods used to make violin pegs. It comes in elegant black color. Which enhances its beauty in addition to a perfect performance within the pegbox.

2) Rosewood

Coming on the second grade is the Rosewood. It can be distinguished from ebony for any reasons, that one will get confused about whether which of the two should be chosen.

Rosewood though is not as hard as is the ebony, yet it holds a good enough strength in it. Moreover, it is famous for a variety of beautiful shades, which it is available in.

Different tones of wood color from light to dark makes it a multi optional product, to pick one best suited to the player’s mood and choice. Rosewood produces resin naturally which blesses it with a more sustainable and climate-resistant grip to the pegbox.

3) Boxwood

Last and the latest material in the wood family, used to make violin pegs, is Boxwood. It is a generic term used for a range of wood types being used by peg makers presently.

Many of these are considered to be lighter in weight than the previous two. Most of the ornamentation you will find will be with a peg made of a boxwood material.

There are drops and compounds available in the market to stop the peg from slipping and sticking. Though there are also tricks used to tune them well so that it avoids slipping.

For instance, while tightening your string up, if you loosen it a bit and stretch the string towards the side, which your relevant peg is fixed on. i.e. if the peg you want to tune is on the right side of the violin, stretch its string on the right side using your finger, and then start winding it back unless it gets tight to your required level.

This simple trick will wind the string on the peg nearest to the edges of the peg hole, which will stop the peg from slipping, as it will not find any space to get out.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 1- How to find the right size pegs? 

The short and sweet answer to this is that you must know the size of your instruments and you will find a matching peg set for it. People used to consult luthiers for adjusting the size of their violin pegs perfect to millimeters, in previous times.

But presently, that is no more a big deal. Simply ask for relative pegs set for your violin size. i.e. 4/4, and you will get the appropriate products at your doorstep. Even if not, You can approach the nearest fiddle shop for final fitting or a particular modification accordingly.

 2- Which one is best: Wood Peg or Plastic Peg? 

This is the most asked question everywhere. Let's satisfy it once for all. Wood is the ultimate choice. No material till today may perform better than wood in a pegbox with regard to grip and responsiveness. But if you have a wooden peg with a composite tuning key, that's not a bad pick.

Though, the lower the wood quality, the more vulnerable to the climate is it. Presently, there are brands available made of composite materials, which are performing satisfactorily, but the fact varies from player to player.

 3- Violin Pegs Price range? 

Violin pegs are available from as cheaper as 6 American dollars to pricier more than 150 dollars and above. The price varies from brand to brand and quality to quality.

Though the full-size violin’s best match would be a quality wooden peg, you do not need to go for an expensive one initially. Give a try to a less expensive one, and with the enhancement of your skill, you will feel like needing more.

Expert Advice is that even if you do not go for a pricier one, do not either go for a cheaper most. That will not taste you good.

Ending up with the words that, the more you will get experience, the stronger you will have a relationship with your tools and instrument. Still, if you are confused about other tools then please check our latest best shoulder rest, rosin, and bow blogs. You can also visit the best electric violin & book article for more interesting stuff.

Having said that, we stand with the fact that our guide may help you decide better initially, but in later stages, your fingers and your ears will guide you through. Have a happy playing.

Be Happy!!

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