Best Violin Music – Evergreen Violin Pieces [Must Listen]

It’s very difficult to select the best violin music because the choice can be varied according to different groups of ages. But we tried to create a list for you about the best violin music that is considered the best in the world. We hope you will enjoy it.

Best Violin Music

The motivation to learn and understand the music can come to one from anywhere and anytime. Now, in a perfect world, a beginner can get his passion through his feelings towards the music.

But now and then, a huge chunk of energy comes by watching and listening to the extraordinary work of maestros and with an effort to reconstruct. In fact, professionals and teachers also recommend students to learn by watching other musicians playing their pieces.

For that purpose, people usually ask about the best violin music produced by geniuses. However, professional violinists and real music fans never liked the idea of slender down a gigantic amount of their all-time favorite music pieces to a simple run down.

On the other hand, it’s always an uphill task to convert the most loved music pieces ever produced by violinists to a list but nobody said it’s impossible. Therefore, we have created a list of the top 07 best violin music pieces, imposing no authority, for our readers.

Spoiler Alert: Fun time ahead!

List of Top Best Violin Music

Johann Sebastian Bach
Caprice No. 1
Concerto in D Major
Ludwig van Beethoven
Concerto No. 05 in A Major
W.A. Mozart
Mystery Sonatas
H. F. Biber
Concerto No. 1 in A Minor
Violin Concerto

 1) Bach – Chaconne 

Bach – ChaconneThe first spot, in my humble opinion, will always be for Johann Sebastian Bach. He single-handedly redefined the baroque genre with his intense music.

He wrote the Chaconne during the period of 1717 to 1720. The whole piece comprises 5 different movements, every one of them has its own identity and impact on the listener.

However, the fifth movement of Bach’s Partita No. 2 in D minor for unaccompanied violin is one of the best violin songs of all time. It unshackles the audience, from the first strike of note, with its mysticism and takes them on a ride of emotions.

Throughout his career, Bach composed so many concertos but this one is his best work equally appreciated by musicians and critiques due to its structural beauty. Teachers love to challenge their best students by assigning this Bach’s piece.

Nathan Milstein, who is an incredibly skilled violinist, is performing in the video given below. He did a phenomenal job playing and did justice to the piece.

 2)  Paganini – Caprice No. 1 

2) Paganini – Caprice No. 1The first of 24 caprices by Paganini is famous as Arpeggio is a treat for ears and hearts.

Though Caprice No. 1 earned the reputation of being very difficult to play still it’s every soloist’s dream to play it again and again.

Paganini wanted to stretch his abilities as a violinist and as a composer so he composed a piece that he even couldn’t master at first.

Therefore, Arpeggio not only challenges the players to broaden their skills. But it also persuades the listeners to expand their taste and imagination to enjoy one of the most stirring violin pieces ever composed.



Paganini – Caprice No. 24

It will be wrong to not include Paganini’s Caprice No. 24 to the list. So we are making an exception for this stunning piece.

Critiques and musicians refer the Caprice No. 24 as the perfect example for “ideal expression of the violin’s strength”. It is one of the most critically acclaimed and technically complex pieces ever written by Paganini.

 3)  Beethoven – Concerto in D Major 

3) Beethoven – Concerto in D MajorThe concerto in D Major by Ludwig van Beethoven, the only concerto for violin ever produced, is the early work of musical genius.

This music piece is one of the most lyrical works of the maestro. Therefore it went on to inspire plenty of violinists particularly and other musicians as well.

Franz Clement performed this magical number in 1606 but it got its fame around 1844 by the skilled hands of Joseph Joachim.

Since then it is one of the most recurring violin concerti and thousands of violinists have performed it.

Beethoven composed the concerto in 3 movements with the first being a 25-minute long introductory movement that spellbinds the audience.

So, in originality, the intro prepares the spectators for what lies ahead and then drove them into the sheer brilliance of Beethoven.

Beethoven – Violin Sonata No. 9

Same as Paganini’s caprice No. 24, it will be an injustice to not include Beethoven’s sonata in the list of best violin music. So, the third spot gets two entries as well.

Beethoven’s violin sonata No. 09, or usually referred to as Kreutzer, is an emotional ride that no one wants to miss. It enlightens the intimacy of the violin and piano yet allowing them to have their own distinctive notes. For some, this is the most colorful yet darkest piece of Beethoven.

 4)  Mozart – Concerto No. 05 in A Major 

4) Mozart – Concerto No. 05 in A MajorHow is it possible that anyone is making a list of best violin music and will not include Mozart’s work?

Any composition of W.A. Mozart is proof of his utter brilliance but concerto No. 05 in A Major is the most conspicuous one when factoring animation and emotions.

Mozart’s attention to detail for each phase is just marvelous. Resultantly, the air of conviction and boldness can be asses during the performance.

The solo violin piece kicks off at some point in the opening and then keeps on soothingly over the orchestra till the end of the concerto.

It is very tough to keep a straight face while listening or playing this piece which is quite obvious from the faces of players and spectators from the video.

 5)  Biber – Mystery Sonatas 

5) Biber – Mystery SonatasH. F. Biber was the leading violinist and composer of the early Baroque period. He is the creator of many violin sonatas but the sixteen so-called “Mystery sonatas” are the best of the lot.

Rosary Sonatas, another name for mystery sonatas, did not get published until after the death of their composer and received acclaim and accolades posthumously.

Critical thinker and ahead of his time, Biber was a pure genius who would do wonders with his violin that others cannot even think of.

The mystery sonatas were the physical manifestation of his downright extraordinaire.

Many think that Biber, a deeply spiritual man, envisaged these sonatas as meditation but many argue that his mad violin skills were the fundamental reason for his compositions.

No matter what was the real reason, the yield is rosary (Pun Intended!)

 6)  Shostakovich – Concerto No. 1 in A Minor 

6) Shostakovich – Concerto No. 1 in A Minor Shostakovich’s Concerto No. in A Minor is a relatively modern masterpiece with three movements.

Music fans from all walks of life absolutely love and enjoy this concerto. It is a rather haunting music piece is a roller coaster ride full of emotions.

As they say that in darkest times, the brightest star emerges. Similarly, Dmitri Shostakovich wrote his brightest composition in the darkest times of censorship in his home country.

He exhibited valor by revealing his feelings in a distressing time where no one was supposed to do so.

Since then, the popularity of Shostakovich’s enthralling concerto is never decreasing and it’s been growing-on on every music enthusiast.

 7)  Mendelssohn – Violin Concerto 

7) Mendelssohn – Violin ConcertoLast but not the least; another phenomenal composition is Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto that includes both stunning and poignant moments.

The hallmark of this concerto is the fast-paced and technical sections that definitely entail painstakingly accurate playing.

Mendelssohn’s captivating concerto is astonishing not because of its handful structure but due to Mendelssohn himself who was only 13 years of age when he wrote that piece.

So, basically, this concerto makes novices fall in love with the violin music and the dedicated ones to submerge even more.

Many compare Mendelssohn’s concerto to a Shakespearean play with each note having different layers and meanings exactly like Shakespeare’s characters in his play.

 Other Notable Mentions 

Like every other music genre, some people are really into modern pop and rock songs rather than the classical and Baroque styles which essentially brought the violin in front of the whole world.

So, it is important to add some contemporary era’s music pieces to exhibit the true versatility of the instrument. You will definitely find at least one violin song that you already love!

i)   John Williams – Theme of Schindler’s List

The legendary violinist Itzhak Perlman played one of the most memorable scores of the 1990s composed by America’s most successful composer of all time (41 Academy Award nominations and 5 wins) John Williams.

ii)  Lindsey Stirling – Crystallize

Lindsey came to the public eye with her YouTube Channel in 2007 but she enjoys her fair share of fame being one of the bests.

The fusion she had introduced of the centuries-old instrument and modern computer-generated music pleasing the eardrums and finding its way. Her song Crystallize is one of such fusions.

iii) John Corigliano – The Red Violin

The Red Violin is a feature film that follows the journey of a 17th-century violin. John Corigliano (Academy Award, Grammy Award, and Pulitzer Prize winner) composed the original score and songs while Joshua Bell performed the score. The album won the 1998 Academy Award for Best Score.

 What are the most beautiful violin pieces? 

We can put a lot of violin pieces in the list but the below list is created on the basis of the most searched beautiful violin pieces.

  • Bach – Chaconne
  • Paganini – Caprice No. 1
  • Beethoven – Concerto in D Major
  • Mozart – Concerto No. 05 in A Major
  • Biber – Mystery Sonatas
  • Shostakovich – Concerto No. 1 in A Minor
  • Mendelssohn – Violin Concerto
 What is the most difficult violin piece to play? 

According to Violin Players, these are the most difficult violin pieces to play. Although, the list can vary according to the selection of players

  • Bach – Chaconne
  • Paganini – Caprice No. 24
  • Beethoven – Violin Sonata No. 9
 What is the most beautiful violin piece written for the film? 
  • John Williams – Schindler’s List
  • John Corigliano – The Red Violin

As we have mentioned earlier that this list of best violin music is not an authority but still can stir some motivation and make you practice or learn to play the violin. The violin music is like a sea, the more you go deeper, the more you find the treasures.

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If you think we overlook anything or any specific music that should have been included in the list, let us know in the comment section!

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