Best Violin for Beginner & Intermediate Students in 2021 – Reviews

People generally ask the question that which is the best violin for beginners and intermediates skilled violinists. But it is quite an uphill task to simply answer this question. Why?

Best Violin For Beginners & Intermediates

The violin is one of the most beautiful string instruments a musician can master and for the generations it has been popular for young students to start their musical expedition. However, it’s hard to determine which the best violin is for beginners or for Intermediate skilled violinists.

All the violins in the world, virtually, may look identical to an untrained person. But in reality, there is a whole lot of range of violins based on their size, make quality and brand. Therefore, it is quite a serious decision to purchase a violin because it is an expensive investment.

That’s where we came into the scene. We create a list of top 5 violins that are best for beginner and top 5 violins that are best for intermediate skilled violinists keeping in mind the affordability and quality of violins.

 Top Picks for best violin for beginners & intermediates 

Best Beginner Violin

Best Beginner Violin

Cecilio CVN-300 [No one better than Cecilio]

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Best Intermediate Violin

Best Intermediate Violin

Bunnel G1 Violin  [Best Investment for Life]

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List of Top Beginner Violins of 2021

Here are the top 5 best violins for beginners.

SR #
Stentor 1400 -Best beginner Violin
Cremona SV-140 -Every Teacher’s Choice
Mendini Solid Wood -A Complete Package
Cecilio CVN-300 -No one better than Cecilio
DZ Strad Violin - Quaility sound

1-Stentor 1400 (Best choice for Beginners)

Stentor-1400 Violin

Let me introduce you our first choice as best violin 2021 for beginner and it is Classic Stentor 1400.

Stentor 1400 which is commonly famous as Kids Violin due to its availability in smaller sizes.

Model-1400 encourages novices as it is capable of student practice sessions where they learn the way to hold a violin, bowing techniques, right postures, and a lot more.

 Key Features 

The features of Stentor 1440 are

  • Solid top; hand-carved from spruce
  • Sturdy back and sides from maple
  • Fingerboard and pegs made from quality rosewood
  • 04 fine tuners
  • Bow and a lightweight canvas cover case included
  • Available in all the sizes, 3/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 and 1/64

Stentor 1400 offers everything that a beginner needs to start his musical ride on an affordable price.

Moreover, the skillful luthiers are manufacturing Stentor violins by hand; the same way that they have been producing in Europe for centuries.

  • Available in many sizes
  • Affordable
  • Case and bow included
  • Low-quality strings
  • No shoulder rest included

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2-Cremona SV-140 (Every Teacher’s Choice)

Cermona SV-140

Cremona’s SV-140 Premier Novice Outfit holds the second place on the list for best violin for beginners.

SV-140 actually cheers the learning process by balancing material quality to assure maximum playability. Also, with an affordable price point that keeps the cost of entry very low.

Every Cremona student violin comes with US-made Prelude strings and these are educator's preferred strings for the students.

Primary school music programs have found that Cremona SV 140 Premier Novice Violins are the best balance of quality and value on the market today.

 Key Features 
  • Carved spruce top
  • Maple back and sides with an oiled finish neck
  • Ebony fingerboard and Hill-style boxwood pegs
  • Pre-installed US-made Prelude strings
  • Fine quality composite tailpiece with four fine tuners
  • Available in all the sizes 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16 and 4/4

In addition to this, the Cremona SV-140 Violin Outfit includes a violin, case, and bow. The flamed maple in translucent light red finish gives a traditional elegant look, and the lightweight build means quality workmanship. This violin outfit is perfect for beginning students.

  • Boxwood fittings
  • Traditional Elegant Look
  • Affordable Price
  • Available in all sizes
  • Correct string height and string spacing
  • Low-quality strings
  • No shoulder rest included

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3-Mendini Solid Wood (A Complete Package)

Mendini Violin- Solid Wood

The Mendini Solid Wood Violin is one of the best violins that the brand offers, which is why it is on our list of best violins for beginners.

It generates a high-quality sound that has a melancholic tone which one cannot find easily in any student violin.

There is a hard, lightweight case that also includes a shoulder rest, rosin, an extra set of strings, and two violin bridges as well.

Apart from all that, Cecilio is famous for their strict inspections and multiple testing of the instruments which make sure the quality of the instrument

 Key Features 
  • Good quality spruce top
  • Maple for the back and sides with a beautiful finish
  • Ebony pegs and fittings
  • Alloy tailpiece with 4 built-in fine tuners
  • High-quality Brazilwood Bow with unbleached genuine horsehair
  • Available in black, white, antique, natural, blue, pink, and purple
  • Available in all sizes; 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, 1/32, 3/4 and 4/4

It comes with a hard, lightweight case that also includes a shoulder rest, rosin, an extra set of strings, and two violin bridges as well.

Apart from all that, each instrument is tested at Cecilio's factory overseas and is tested again in their local warehouse in Southern California.

The distinctive feature of Mendini Solid Wood Violin which makes it best for the beginners is that every violin has a full one-year warranty against workmen’s defect.

  • A wide range of colors
  • Available in all sizes
  • Very reasonable prices
  • Lightweight case with accessories
  • Highly durable & 1 Year Warranty
  • Strings can be improved

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4-Cecilio CVN-300 (No one does it better than Cecilio)

Best Beginner Violin

The next entry on the list for best violin for beginners is Cecilio CVN-300. Not an ounce of convincing is required to establish a fact that it is a great choice for entry level violin.

The outfit includes a bunch of extra stuff that you need anyway and you have to buy if you purchase any other violin.

Wait! Are you not familiar with Cecilio violins? No, oh then you missed the big opportunity because Cecilio is one of the reliable violin brands in the market.

 Key Features 
  • Solid and quality spruce wood top
  • Neck, Sides, and back carved from maple wood
  • Inlaid purfling (a sign of quality work) with antique varnish
  • Ebony fingerboard and pegs
  • Four detachable Cecilio’s chromatic fine tuners
  • Two Brazilwood bows having unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair
  • Available in 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, and 4/4 sizes
  • Extra goodies include a Lesson book, Rosin cake, an extra Bridge, and Shoulder rest.

It comes with a complete package that includes

  • Cecilio Nickel-plated tuner
  • Lesson book
  • lightweight hard case
  • 2 x Brazilwood bows with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair
  • Quality rosin cake
  • Adjustable shoulder rest
  • Extra bridges

A lightweight yet hard violin case is also complementary to carry the violin around safely in all seasons. For the increased trust, it comes with a 1-year warranty. So, if you find any defect, then it offers easy-returning.

The Cecilio CVN-300 has surprised the teachers and violinists alike with its quality material, playability, and yet a considerate and affordable price tag. The inlaid purfling also ensures the class of the violin and antique varnishing is just a cherry on top.

  • Highly durable
  • Very affordable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Learning Book & DVD
  • Need to buy an extra set of strings

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5-D Z Strad Violin Model 100 (With great money comes great sound)

DZ Strad Violin

DZ Strad Violin Model 100 is actually favored among Suzuki and other private teaching entities because it is so well-made and it is so easy to use for the beginner.

It has a warm and round tone while the playability, hand-feel, and consistency will keep you motivated.

 Key Features 
  • Builds from fine tonewoods
  • High-quality varnish
  • Wittner-style tailpiece with four built-in fine tuners
  • Brazilwood bow
  • Available in all sizes
  • Violin case, rosin, and shoulder rest included

It is a beautiful and dependable model with a lustrous sound. The handmade 4/4 violin attributes open and a clear tone. It is hard to believe that you can purchase a violin at this price and find that it has so much to offer.

Teachers, instructors, and students love DZ Strad alike. It is a lovely instrument for novice and is completely set-up and ready to play.

  • Excellent customer care
  • Fantastic sound
  • Shoulder rest included
  • Relatively costly from all the violins in the list

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List of Top Intermediate Violins of 2021

Here are the top 5 best violins for intermediates.

SR #
Stentor 1550 -A Real Luxury
Mendini MV500 -Beauty hidden in a beast
Cecilio CVN-500 -Teachers like it!
Cremona SV-588 -Craftsmanship at best
Bunnel G1 Violin -Best Investment for Life

6-Stentor 1550 (A Real Luxury)

Stentor 1550 Violin

Let us move on to the best violins for intermediate level and again an epic Stentor Violin secures the first place on the list. Stentor 1550 generates a beautiful sound that is rich in tone.

Along with that the higher notes are quite well sounding as compared to other low-priced violins that produce shrilled higher notes.

 Key Features 
  • Completely hand carved
  • Solid spruce wood top and solid maple back
  • Ebony fittings
  • Stunning visuals due to a fiery red color and shellac clear lacquer finish
  • Exquisite Bow
  • A deluxe case with an instrument blanket.

Stentor 1550 is actually a really stunning violin with a superb sound. Stentor has actually outdone itself as the attention to the details is just incredible.

Moreover, the reason for Stentor 1550 to place on the first position is that one can play a proper music on this violin which would be an overstatement for other violins.

  • Good sound
  • Affordable
  • Bow and deluxe case included
  • The great array of colored violins
  • Full Ebony fitting
  • No shoulder rest included

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7-Mendini MV500 (Beauty hidden in a beast)

Mendini MV500 Violin

Mendini’s MV 500 is our second pick on the rundown of best violins for intermediate level artists.

With its deep, rich, and powerful tone, the Mendini MV500 comes highly recommended by clients. It is the best option for the students of intermediate caliber.

The MV500 displays an attractive, dark design that gives the impression of antiquity and designed to be reliable, lasting several years before the student will need to consider upgrading.

With its beautiful quality and design, the Mendini MV500 is an excellent violin for an affordable price with a 1-Year Warranty against Manufacturer's Defects.

 Key Features 
  • Solid hand-carved spruce top
  • Solid hand-carved Single-Piece maple back, neck and sides
  • Fingerboard, Pegs, and Chin-rest carved from high standard Ebony
  • Inlaid Purfling (explains the quality work) and Stunning varnish
  • Four detachable Cecilio 92D chromatic tuners
  • Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair
  • Complimentary Goodies include: Shoulder rest, Rosin, Two fine quality Bridges and an extra set of violin strings
  • Available in all sizes

MV-500 is available in all 09 sizes from 4/4 to 13 inches. But musicians prefer this violin in 4/4 size.

Speaking of included items, Lightweight hard case does come along for the protection of the instrument and helps you to carry it around.

  • Hand-carved with an antiquity impression
  • Tested and Inspected
  • 1-year warranty
  • All the required accessories included even the shoulder rest
  • Need to set up before using the first time

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8-Cecilio CVN-500 (Teachers like it!)

Cecilio-CVN-500 Violin

Cecilio CVN 500 Violin Outfit has garnered the most recommendations by the teachers and music instructors for intermediate skilled violinists.

The usage of premium quality tone-wood ensures a great sound along with durability.

 Key Features 
  • Solid spruce wood top
  • Flamed maple back, neck and sides
  • Ebony made fingerboard, pegs, chinrest
  • Inlaid purfling with satin antique varnish
  • Four exquisite quality detachable nickel-plated fine tuners
  • 2 x Brazilwood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair
  • Available in four different sizes i.e. full size (4/4), 1/2, 1/4, 3/4

The wholesome package includes Cecilio chromatic tuner with metronome, a lesson book, a lightweight form-fitting hardshell case with pockets and strap (making it convenient to carry to school or orchestra).

It also includes an adjustable shoulder rest with soft foam padding & soft rubber feet, quality rosin cake, and a violin bridge.

With its rich and full tone, the Cecilio CVN-500 is actually a step-up instrument for our intermediate students. So, buy it with this assurance that the instrument does have a 1- year warranty against any workmen's defects.

  • Complete Outfit
  • Premium quality materials are used in the making
  • Safe and convenient carry due to lightweight and hard shell casing
  • Excellent tone quality
  • Takes well to adjustments or upgrades
  • Less resonance
  • Some accessories need to be upgraded

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9-Cremona SV-588 (Craftsmanship at best)

Cremona Violin

Cremona SV 588 offers unprecedented value for the intermediate students. The majestic SV 588 features a Stradivarius-style chinrest with enhance the playability of the instrument manifold.

The sound projection of the instrument is just exquisite.

 Key Features 
  • Solid spruce wood top
  • Back of the violin hand-carved from graduated and flamed Maple along with sides and neck
  • Quality Swiss-style ebony fingerboard and fittings
  • Hand-applied rich golden red-brown varnish
  • US-made Prelude strings
  • Sturdy carbon-fiberglass hybrid bow
  • French-made Aubert Bridge
  • Available in four distinguish sizes 1/2, 1/4, 3/4 and 4/4

The MENC Standards helps to keep the violin at its best while manufacturing at Cremona’s workshop.

The outfit includes an oblong thermoplastic case that is lightweight yet amazingly balancing which helps the kids to carry the violin and protect the instrument at the same time.

  • Eye-catching Natural Brown yet the elegant outlook
  • Durable
  • Sturdy bow
  • Heavy duty case to carry around for all seasons
  • Need to pay few extra bucks for full size (4/4)

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10-Bunnel G1 by Kennedy Violins (Best Investment for Life)

Bunnel G1 Violin

The Ricard Bunnel G1 Violin Outfit is an upgrade from the Bunnel G2 and an excellent choice for beginner students and of intermediate caliber to be specific.

The better quality of the wood, recommended by the skilled luthiers of Kennedy Violins, results more warmer sound and more richer tone, thus, used in Bunnel G1.

Kennedy Violins has earned their fame for manufacturing high grade violins that maintain their craftsmanship and encourage for powerful performances. It’s easy to sound great on this quality instrument.

 Key Features 
  • Entirely handmade manufacturing
  • Solid spruce top
  • Solid carved (not pressed) maple back, sides and Neck
  • 100% natural Ebony fittings
  • Polished fingerboard and Pegs
  • 04 professional quality built-in fine tuners on a composite tailpiece
  • Pre-installed Prelude Strings
  • Giuliani Brazilwood Bow
  • Available in 1/2 and 3/4 sizes

The violin outfit comes with; Portland String Set, Portland Gold Shoulder Rest, Tuner, Polishing Cloth, "Intro to Violin" book, Art craft Rosin and a Portland Oblong carrying case.

The most distinguished feature of Kennedy violins is that their instruments always come with a lifetime warranty against a manufacturing fault and a 45-day money-back guarantee is cherry on top.

Still if your are looking  then you can check Best Violins for advanced players artcile.

  • One-year warranty on all accessories
  • Shoulder rest included
  • Extra set of strings included
  • A handful of accessories
  • Only available in two sizes

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 Difference between beginner & intermediate Violins 


 Difference between Beginner & Intermediate Violin

Best Beginner & intermediate Violins FAQ

 What to look for while buying a violin for beginners? 

Sound is the most essential feature to look for while buying a violin. Well, no beginner would sound like Lindsey Stirling at first with a violin in their hand but some violins sound nice and some great. So keep in mind “Great” is the thing that you are going for.

 What Are Some Cheap Violins for Beginners? 

All of the violin entries on our rundown are pretty low-priced. Although their prices look pretty much when compare to the highest quality violins of professional or advanced players, they are quite cheap and you might be able to feel the variation.

However, no one wants to buy a “cheap violin” as it will only produce substandard sound and then you have to buy another violin which is only a vicious loop of spending money. So, we suggest that buying an adequate and correct violin at the first attempt is the best course of action.

 How Much Money Should You Spend for a Beginner or Intermediate Violin? 

Statistically speaking, the music market is full of options featuring all kinds of budgets. Generally, the beginner violins start from the $35 up to $ 200, and for intermediate violins, the range is $200 to $500.

The handcrafted models for professional players can range up to $8000 and above.

 Violins come in different sizes. So how is it possible to know which size you or your child needs? 

The best way to measure a suitable size for someone is the length from wrist to one’s neck. After that, you need to compare it with the standard measures of the violins.

The standard sizes are 3 /4 (22”), 1 /2 (20”), 1 /4 (18.5”), 1/8 (16.5”), 1/10 (15”), 1/16 (14”) and 1/32 (13”). The biggest size is 4/4 (full size) while the smallest one is 1/64 which is smaller than 13”.

This method ensures that you will end with an appropriate and comfortable sized violin for you or your child.

The Conclusion

In conclusion, we have compiled the list of 2021 best violins for beginners and for intermediate skilled artists. Now you have got the list that how many factors and little things come together to make an instrument great that for an unskilled eye is altogether the same.

We believe that the information we provide in this article will assist you in the process of buying a good violin. On the other hand, if you are planning to practise on the violin then visit our best violin cover songs, music and books articles.  We hope it will be helpful for you.

Be Happy!!

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