Best Violin Bows of 2021- Must Read Reviews

Best Violin BowsAfter a lot of research, customer reviews & feedback we are preparing the list of best violin bows 2021. If you are busy and cant search which bow is a suite for you. Then this is the best place to get full ideas about the violin bow.

A violin creates sound when a bow slips forth and back over its strings. And the friction level between the two decides what the quality of sound will be. Now you can understand, how important a right bow may be for playing melodious tracks.

A quality violin string is meaningless without a perfect bow. This is the most critical point to make a perfect combination resulting in the rich and perfect sound.

It is normally saying, a right bow encourages you if you want to play along, it helps your motivation level by creating a smooth effect within your mind while playing. You start loving its movements.

Applying different techniques, such as jumpings and fast runnings, becomes easier with a right bow. It becomes the extension to your hand and helps you creating different sound variations.

People believe that in playing the violin, the left hand and the violin only have a 10 percent role, while the rest of 90 percent is the bow or your right hand. There are people who like to have more than one bows of different weight and specifications, but most of the professionals, love to have only one the best they are comfortable with.

It shows that a perfect bow has the quality to perform variably according to your requirement.  Below are our Top violin bow picks of 2021

 Our Top Picks 

Best Violin Bow

Fiddlerman carbon fiber bow 2020

Fiddlerman carbon fiber Bow

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2nd Best Violin Bow

Kmise carbon fiber bow

Kmise carbon fiber Bow

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Best Violin Bows 2021 - Detailed Analysis

Best Violin Bow 2020Bows usually consist of wood and horsehair. The wooden stick is there to let it move well, while the part touches the violin strings to create sound, is made of horsehair. In this regard, white horsehair is famous and consider to be perfect most.

In Present times, Carbon Fiber bows have replaced the expensive wooden one, they are durable, beautiful, and most importantly, they respond to the sound waves more likely as a wooden one do. So now the quality is affordable for everyone.

For beginners, some people think that they should not mess with this bow and that bow until they don't know how to use it and are skillful enough to choose the right one.

But there is another school of thought, who believes that a bad bow can not help you create a good tone, even it drags you to a bad tone, so it's more important for beginners to have a good bow.

So that they can know what they are playing, and how to improve it. In other words, a good bow can help you learning fast as well as playing skillfully.

Below are some examples of the best violin bows 2021 available in the market of different price ranges and specifications, with their pros and cons to help you decide what's perfect for you.

List of top 2021 violin bows

SR #

1- Kmise carbon fiber bow(1/2 Black)

Kmise carbon fiber bowIt's a synthetically constructed bow made with carbon fiber and other modern material. This modern bow design uses advanced molding techniques. It is designed to perform the way better than a wooden traditional impact.

Similarly, Frog is made of genuine ebony wood, the abalone shell inlay makes its frog slide eye-catching as well as holds and tightens the hair ribbon responsibly, Also, the Parisian eye decorates it well. Abalone shell is a natural material so every piece is carrying a different look.

Moreover, the complete built-up of this bow has a wonderful resonance with the string vibrations which creates a sensation to the player’s fingers and facilitates the techniques to convert into sounds what the player actually wants.

1/2 size, Kmise carbon fiber bow is available in black color, having a length of 62 cm and it weighs about 55g. Natural Mongolian horsehair is used in the ribbon to create an experience better than any other thing. Mongolia horsehair is said to be the most durable and having uniform hair thickness, which results in a nondistorted rich sound.

Above all, this lightweight and easy to handle a bow, resist the humidity and temperature of surrounding, that makes your instrument playing uniformly, irrelevant of weather out there.

  • Durable Mangolia horsehair
  • Stronger, stable, and lightweight than wood
  • 30 days protection plan & Glamorous Look
  • Well balanced (Silver wire wrapping)
  • Quickly responsive
  • Resistant to humidity and temperature
  • Natural Horsehair may break off one or fewer pieces. Nothing to worry about.

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2- Fiddlerman carbon fiber bow

Fiddlerman carbon fiberFiddlerman is a well know brand in the violin bows industry. They also offer many other high-quality accessories. Their hand made carbon fiber bow is available mainly in 1/2 size, options are also available in 1/4, 3/4, and 4/4.

Similar to the previous one this bow also constructs Mangolian horsehair which is durable and has uniform hair thickness to facilitate the perfect sound experience. You can call a perfect replica of an expensive Pernambuco wooden bow, costing about four times less.

Providing the perfect weight balance and arch, this one is best for both beginners and experts. Its curved design helps the bounces and actions. It has an ebony frog which is a copper mount and gives it an elegant look and style.

Moreover, weight and balance distribution are preferably works, that’s why it provides agility to play comfortably well.

Weighing 2.4 ounces this item is handmade and has a 25 x 1 x 0.5 inches dimension, a less bow hiss, and better handling as well.

Above all, a user having thirty years of experience of playing, sharing his experience that he was surprised of the results, when he compared it with three other expensive brands, it simply outperformed all the three. As he was not expecting that a bow with that low rates can perform this level best.

  • Durable Mangolia horsehair
  • weight distribution creates the perfect balance
  • Size options available
  • No rosin used
  • Affordable for everyone
  • You may be an addict to it.

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3- AMZZ Brazilwood violin bow (4/4)

AMZZ Brazilwood violin bowAs you know that the white horsehair is famous and consider to be best for a violin bow. This item is made of the genuine unbleached Grade AAA Mogolia white horsehair. AMZZ violin bow is known for its responsiveness and pliability. Moreover, its sturdiness makes you play it for a long. It has playability from medium to strong level stiffness.

Similar to previous ones, AMZZ violin bow is also a hand made product, the craftsmanship of which makes it the best amongst ones of this price range.

This silver lined beautiful bow is made of high-quality dense Pernambuco and is assembled by experienced workmen from start to finish. It contains an octagonal stick, In addition to an ebony frog having Parisian eye inlay as well as an abalone slide to give it a distinguishing classic look along with a responsible ribbon holding mechanism. Likewise, the thumb grip is more comfortable being wrap with a leather cover, which also enhances its life.

About 74.5 cm long, weighing 65 grams, this bow is the perfect choice for students and the pros as well. It's available in 4/4 size and holds a best seller amazon ranking. Above all, offering a 30 days replacement or full refund warranty, in case of any part missing or broken during practice, which ensures the credibility itself.

  • Genuine unbleached white horsehair
  • Properly balanced bow for quick response and resilience.
  • Leather covered comfortable thumb grip
  • 30 days replacement and refund warranty

  • It will make you throw away your previous bows

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4- Viotti Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

Viotti Carbon Fiber Violin BowHere comes another masterpiece, the Viotti carbon fiber bow. It is available with a two years warranty to return or have a full refund in case of any defect, such an amazing offer, isn't it?

Experienced hands at an award-winning artisanal workshop, have constructed Viotti violin bow in a sleek contoured shape to provide flexibility and durability at the same time. Moreover, the brand claims to be made for smoother legatos, crisper staccatos, and cleaner spiccatos.

Additionally, it resists humidity and moisture. In other words, it will never be deformed or misshaped due to weather as the wooden bows often do. This is the best choice for gifting purposes also.

It weighs between 58 to 62 grams and is a perfect balance from one end to another, which results in perfect bounce and smooth movements. For students and professionals as well as teachers, Viotti is suitable in every aspect, it is ideal for all skill levels, that you can hear and feel the difference with others. It comes with a durable bow case, after strict professional level testing of its balance stiffness and responsiveness, to ensure its delivery to the customer in an unsullied condition without any minor damage.

  • Strong Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Premium White Mangolia Horsehair
  • Crafted by an experienced workman at an award-winning workshop
  • Built for years-long usage with mother of pearl and nickel trim
  • Inspected and packed for shipping carefully to deliver without damage
  • 2 years return or refund warranty
  • Most used product for gifting purpose
  • Sleek High tech appearance
  • You have to buy it to use it

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5- MI&VI Brazilwood Violin Bow (1/2)

MI&VI Brazilwood Violin BowMI&VI music is another famous brand in this industry. They have a wide range of music accessories that customers are happily using.

The violin bow we have picked for your interest is said to be an ultimate choice for beginners and intermediate level players. It's a 1/2 size thoroughly hand made bow by skilled archetiers, who have distributed the weight carefully to bless it with a geometrically built arch so that the balance is as perfect as it results in a natural bounce and warmer tones.

Each bow is hand-strung to ensure the tightening and grip of the hair ribbon to be smooth, afterward prepare with rosin treatment. In other words, when it strikes the string of your instruments, the sound result thereof is a rich perfect warm tone.

It creates a nice combination with almost every model of violins, and is available in 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 3/4, and 4/4 sizes and also for cellos. The well-rounded stick is made of genuine brazilwood so it holds a beautifully polished wood color, and the ribbon is hand strung by the experienced workman, doing this job over decades, using real Mangolia horsehair.

Moreover, MI&VI offers a 90 days return warranty along with this product to ensure customer satisfaction. So rest assured that you will not lose your money in case of any complaints.

Similar to other benefits with this product, this item has a lightweight construction that weighs around 1.76 ounces along with an ebony frog carrying a Parisian eye inlay.

  • Resonant Brazilwood stick
  • Mangolia horsehair ribbon
  • Lightweight, well balanced
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • 90 days refund warranty
  • Best match with all model and makes
  • Keep using it, Storing long is not good for its health.

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6- Anton Breton AB-100 Student Violin Bow(1/2)

Anton Breton AB-100 BowAs the heading refers, this product is best for students and beginners, who either do not want to put extra money into it for now or do not have enough experience of what difference a bow may make in their playing.

This is a hardwood made bow having around well balance stick weighing only 1.6 ounces with 23.7 x 1 x 0.5 inches dimensions. Moreover, the unbleached original rosin applied horsehair ribbon is fitted out there held by fine quality grips.

In addition, the beautiful rosewood frog is half mounted with nickel carrying a silver button to enhance its style and look. Above all the handle is wrapped with a leather cushion, which provides a nonslip grip and a comfortable holding while playing long, so that the right hand may have a painless and effortless gripping experience.

AB-100 is available in many sizes, For instance, there are two options available in 1/2 size bow, Similarly, 1/4, 1/10, 1/32, 3/4, and 4/4 sizes are available with different options range.

Finally, this one is not something easily ignorable for students especially. This is a nice counterbalance violin bow available in various sizes, So get fast.

  • Perfect for students and beginners
  • Available in many sizes
  • Makes the learning work easy
  • Lightweight and well balanced
  • Comfortable leather grip
  • Eye-catching rosewood frog
  • May not be super perfect for experienced professionals

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7- D Z Strad Violin Bow Carbon Fiber 4/4

D Z Strad Violin BowLet's now talk about a little expensive one, but worth paying for it. D Z Strad is an America based well known stringed instruments workshop. They offer a wide array of stringed instruments and unique accessories thereto. For instance, Violins, violas, cellos as well as bows, cases, and many more.

The exception to the model we are talking about is that it is available in all the three categories like carbon fiber, wood, and Pernambuco. All three carry different price ranges, buyers can choose according to their paying capacity and preference.

D Z Strad 4/4 carbon fiber bow has a silver braided carbon fiber stick which is more pliable and flexible. In other words, it is less vulnerable to weather and temperature out there unlike the traditional wood made sticks, so the deforming of this one is out of the discussion.

In addition Grade AAA genuine and unbleached white Mangolia horsehair constitute its acoustically fine ribbon, every stroke of which creates a vigorous tone. D Z Strad carbon fiber 4/4 bow is totally handmade by the skillful craftsmen, who have perfectly balanced it for quick responsiveness and bouncing attributes.

Moreover, it carries an ebony frog along with a silver lapping hand grip wrapped with a high-quality leather cover, which makes the handling and holding more comfortable in order to long practice or orchestra sessions without being painful or tiring.

A customer reviewed this wonderful product that her carbon fiber bow which she bought from a local store, was sounding like a peasant when compared to this one. It has 29.25” in length and weighs around  61 grams.

Above all, this masterpiece is a perfect choice for a beginner to an experienced professional player.

Finally, it repays you more than you pay for it.

  • Silver braided carbon fiber stick more resonant with the vibrations
  • Genuine unbleached Grade AAA Mangolian white horsehair
  • Beautiful Ebony frog with a leather-wrapped comfortable grip
  • Available in Wood, Carbon fiber, and Pernambuco material
  • More resilient to weather and environment
  • A little expensive to pay

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8- VINGOBOW Wood and Carbon Fiber Hybrid Violin Bow

VINGOBOW Wood and Carbon Fiber Hybrid Violin BowAmazing combination of carbon fiber and wood, Vingobow hybrid 4/4 is our next pick. Stick constructs of high-quality carbon fiber having its traditional strength with it, hidden in a wood skin making it look like the original wood made a bow. In addition to having a sturdiness of carbon fiber plus flexibility and resonance of the wood makes it unique.

Vingobow hybrid is a handmade violin bow, having a balance point obtained by the multiple time adjustments, by the experience luthiers resulting in perfect bouncing stability along with the smooth jumpings and quick responsiveness. Assembling of each piece is held by the same hands from start to finish to maintain uniformity.

Moreover, You don't need to re-hair it soon or maybe ever. Natural premium quality Mangolia horsehair is accompanied by a mother of pearl slide. A bright Parisian eye inlay is there in addition to a beautiful black ebony frog with natural grains, mounted by nickel silver. It makes you feel like you are using a wooden bow, while the strength and responsiveness belong to the carbon fiber. It's an ultra-fine combination of both.

Similarly, the holding grip wrap with genuine high-quality leather, which provides comfortable handling in the long term playing. Nickel silver thread winding just ahead of the grip gives it an elegant look. There is a  gap between the frog and stick, and the ribbon may be adjustable by tightening or loosing through a smooth screwing feature.

Above all, the brand has the trust of many experienced players over ten years. In the end, I must say that this is a masterpiece weighing only 12.8 ounces.

  • Combination of carbon fiber and wood
  • Elegant stick and well-decorated frog
  • Premium Horsehair ribbon
  • Perfect handmade balancing
  • Excellent strength with ultimate resonance
  • Ribbon strength adjustable
  • Neat and sophisticated workout
  • Limited stock available, So hurry up

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9- VINGOBOW 4/4 Size  Violin Bow

VINGOBOW Natural BlackLeaving you with lastly talking about something different. Another product from Vingobow. Black Mangolian horsehair bow. This is a carbon fiber item with great flexibility and durability.

It is totally hand made bow through skillful craftsmen who have nicely finish it. Its straight stick assembles of high-quality carbon fiber and it is stronger and durable than any Pernambuco out there.

Black horsehair is thicker than another, As a result, it creates a louder sound wave. Moreover, there is a lesser chance of hair being broken so that it saves you a maximum, from bearing heavy costs of re-hairing.

Moreover, the grip is covered with genuine leather that’s why it provides more comfortable gripping and handling, Also next to the leather grip, a nickel silver thread is winded up which enhances its grace and adds up a lot to its beauty.

The unbreakable stick design reflects a perfect balance point, so it gives you fantastic bouncing and movement control.

Vingobow black horsehair violin bow is available in 4/4 size with a length of 74.5 cm weighing 10.6 ounces including the screw, added thereto adjust the tightening and losing the level of ribbon to provide you the playing experience at its best. The bow is also available for 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 sizes. You can choose whatever you want

Similarly, the frog is decorated with colorful mother of pearl and Parisian eye looking like a precious gem.

Having described the above-mentioned features, it can be said that vingobow black horsehair carbon fiber bow is the finest combination of skillfulness and beauty, which can impress every violinist from a beginner to pro.

  • Thicker black mangolia horsehair for a louder sound
  • Durable carbon fiber stick with great balance
  • Beautifully decorated frog
  • Smooth long life finishing
  • Ribbon Strength adjustable
  • Creates a surprisingly louder wild tone

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Violin Bow Buyer Guide

Violin has been one of the famous string instruments for centuries. Particularly in the western form of music and generally in the rest, orchestra remains incomplete without a violin.

The most interesting fact attached to playing the violin is that the violin itself is not the most important piece while playing. The part of primary importance is the Bow.

Tens of shoddy bows can not play a high-quality violin well, but a perfect bow can play a variety of violin types perfectly. Though ultimately it's not the bow, you, who have the skill to play, yet a perfect bow is an extension to your hand and a perfect translator of what you want to express, in the language known and appreciated by the audience.

A Bow is not something, that we can recommend like “take this”  or “buy that”. As your skill improves, you start knowing what you actually want and what is perfect for you. A guide can simply explain some of the important aspects and feature to let someone understand that how does it actually work. You can count the key factors on the fingertips.

 Material : 

A bow comprises two parts; one is the stick and the other is the ribbon. Both of which have a role in how a bow will perform. There are three types of material, manufacturers are using to make a stick. For instance, Brazilwood, Pernambuco, and Carbon Fiber. Each of the three has its characteristics.

Brazilwood is a generic term, normally use for tropical hardwoods coming from brazil. Bow sticks made of brazilwood are sturdy and stiff in nature. There are from higher to lower grade woods available under this category. A stiffer stick is one to create a clear and focused sound, though a stiff enough stick may cause a rough sound as well.

Pernambuco had been the top choice of archetiers to make violin bows because of its density and weight. Which used to provide a combination of flexibility and durability along with the responsive nature. It also belongs to brazil, which made the traders selling another brazilwood in the name of Pernambuco.

As with the increase of its trade, it became short of demand and expensive too. Pernambuco is less vulnerable to weather conditions and moist out there. Similarly, it resonates better with the vibrations of the instrument. Currently, it's an expensive brand to use.

Carbon Fiber rules the market these days. It's a material having its own strength level, stiff nature, elasticity, and resonant attitude which responds to the vibrations well and enhances the richness of sound. Its stiffness helps to create a clear focused sound. Having the features of a high-quality wooden stick, the carbon fiber sticks are available at far lesser prices.

Moreover, they have longer lives as the fiber stuff is nearly unbreakable, so there is nothing to worry about if your bow drops or throws carelessly. Above all carbon fiber almost does not accept any effects from the atmosphere outside; e.g. weather, temperature moisture.

Bows of Fiberglass or other synthetic materials are also available in the market with cheaper student instruments.

A softer stick can not provide you a smooth sound. A suppler bow helps it well. Similarly, a stiff stick creates more clear sound, but over stiffness takes it to an edgy one.

On the other hand, the ribbon is preparing real horsehair. Normally white horsehair is famous to be the best for this purpose.

White horsehair is known for their uniformed hair thickness so that they are more able to create an unbroken focus sound as well as durable. Black horsehair is thicker and creates a louder wild sound. One can choose the best according to its requirement.

 Weight : 

Have you heard of 60 grams formula? There were times when players used to take it as a standard. But it is a fact that a stick weighing 60 grams does not prove it as a perfect stick. Bows are available in the market starting from 54 grams to 68 grams.

Weight distribution between the endpoints of a stick is more important. When you hold a bow, it should not feel heavy either on the tip or the frog. If it feels natural in your hand, it's fine. A chamber curve is also important in the course of checking the balance and weight distribution of your bow. If the center point of the curve is not exactly in the center of the stick, it's not a proper balance bow.

 Shape : 

To the day there is no evidence that there is any difference in performance between a round or octagonal bow. Though there are opinions from the experts that octagonal bows are sometimes stiffer and lack nuance. They say that an octagonal bow creates harder sounds which are one dimensional, still, you will find violinists around you who only prefer octagonal bows.

 Expert Tip : 

While comparing or trying a bow, you can play passages near the frog, near the tip, and in the middle. Also if still, you are not sure about Which bow should you buy then please check the below video.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 1- How long the hair may last? 

Well, protected hair lasts longer than we can imagine. There are craftsmen who share that they have seen 50 years old bows with hair intact in playing condition. Though the usage and protection level varies from person to person. The point to know is that over rosining makes the hair rigid and they become easily breakable. As a general rule, when your bow loses its ten percent of hair, you should get it re-hair.

 2- What to do if the bow loses its curvature? 

If your bow loses its curvature, it's possible to get it rechambered. Its a very sensitive job, expert professionals do it by using dry heat. Never trust a person, you are not sure about the expertise of, because a slight mishandling may burn your bow or break it.

 3- Things to remember while taking care of your bow? 

  • Never Try to remove applied rosin yourself.
  • Dedicate a piece of the towel, use it to clean the shaft.
  • Losen the hair strength while storing it, It will let it relax.
  • Don't apply rosin unnecessarily.

Conclusion: we shall leave you with the quote by Alexandra Bracken;

“The longer you silence a violin, the harder it is for it to find its true voice again.”

Same way, a bow needs to be kept using, which will not only enhance your skill level but will also keep your bow alive. The same is the only way to make you know what more you want about your toys. So now it's up to you which violin bow is best for you.

We would highly recommend other violin accessories (Pegs, Shoulder Rest & Rosin) articles which will help you to decide about how to play violin songs.

Be Happy!!

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