Best Violin Books 2021 – Beginners & Intermediate Violinists Should Try

Having a teacher for your first violin lessons is one of the best ways to learn how to play the violin. However, the best violin books, violin lessons, or notes are also an easy remedy for those who have access to a violin without understanding music totally.

Best Violin Books

So along with talent, patience, a lot of practice and reliable violin books are the main ingredients to keep one playing the violin.

Now, the violin books typically have all the tutorials and instructions that make violin playing so much easier. By combining a good violin book with a skilled teacher, it becomes easy to master the string instrument.

Although there may be various methods for learning the instrument, books can help you answer any specific questions about playing as well as get inspiration.

Interactive and literary resources are a really valuable tool for helping your child further their skills outside of taught sessions. And many violin teachers use these violin books to assist their teachings.

But which books are the most helpful for beginners or for intermediate players? So, we at the Best Violin Guide compiled a list of best violin books for beginners and intermediate players. Also, check our best violin article that is categorized based on prices.

Warning – talent and fun times spent reading may follow.

List of Top Violin books 2021

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Best Violin Books for Beginner Level Players

1-Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 by Shinichi Suzuki

Suzuki Violin School V1 bookSuzuki pioneered the idea that children can learn to play the instrument if the process is easy-to-follow and if the violin is small enough to fit the children’s body built.

Shinichi Suzuki, the renowned Japanese violinist, conceived the idea of “Suzuki Violin Book” in the mid-20th century.

The basic idea was to bring beauty to the lives of children during the ever prolonging and devastating World War II by teaching them how to play the violin.

As far as violin books go, this is one of the most comprehensive books that you can get. Not only does it cover everything you need to know about the theoretical aspects of music as a whole.

But this violin book also offers so many tips about how to play the violin that it makes it worthwhile. Mr. Suzuki handpicked the pieces himself based on the level and the difficulty in learning each piece.

The Suzuki method is a very interesting process and this violin book has several pages dedicated to fundamental skills such as bowing and finger positioning. With so many extra exercises and comments for both students and teachers, there is enough for you to learn with.

The violin book also features a CD with many recordings for the purpose of practice. It offers instructional texts, photos, and sheet music to hone the student’s skills.

Because the book is well explained and organized, it is a good beginner violin book for kids or new students. And it is good for adults also, who would like to know how to play the violin.

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2-Essential Elements for Strings by Hal Leonard

Essential Elements Violin BookWhen you are trying to learn a new musical instrument, it is important to choose the materials you learn carefully.

Therefore, the Essential Elements for Strings puts together exercises particularly tailored to the instrument of choice and gives both students and instructors materials. So, they can utilize to become better musicians the right way, a solid foundation of the basics of music.

This book is an excellent violin book for beginners. It includes songs that are common to most students that make practice really engaging for both kids and teenagers in violin playing.

It also contains a lot of online music materials that students can make use no matter where they find themselves.

With so much content and practice exercises curetted for both classroom and other learning environments, it is easy to use this violin book to develop true well-grounded musicians.

The online materials and the availability in the digital version also make it perfect for today’s modern musician and teacher.

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3-All for Strings Book 1: Violin by Robert Frost and Gerald Anderson

All for Strings Violin BookAll for Strings written by Robert S. Frost and Gerald E. Anderson is a comprehensive string method book series for teenagers and adults. It will take students on an exciting adventure filled with challenges.

With the help of the violin teacher, each beginner violinist will develop skills that will enable them to become a great string player.

It is a contemporary work focusing on skills and techniques in the violin explaining the system of scales (including whole-and-half-step systems), correct positioning of fingers on the strings, and other music fundamentals.

For instance, here you will find all the basic information about the violin, bow, music staff, notes, rhythm, rhythmical patterns, basic bowings, bridges, etc. Carefully selected and composed technical materials and musical selections provide excellent opportunities for learning and growth.

In addition to this, you will find a lot of rhythm exercises and theory games as well as duets, trios, and ensembles.  At the end of book 01, students will be able to play simple songs in the key of C, G, and D Major.

On the other hand, violin-care techniques are also acknowledged and discussed in a separate section of the book. As well as various items or various accessories that may be of help for beginners in playing, granting students a practical checklist by which to keep track of their stuff.

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4-The ABCs of Violin for the Absolute Beginner, Book 1

The ABCs of ViolinJanice Tucker Rhoda is well-known for this violin book. It brings plenty of creative violin instruction materials and popular tunes for everyone to learn.

After many years of teaching children and adults, she developed an easy and enjoyable approach to studying bowed string instruments.

Particularly, one of the key reasons why the ABCs of Violin is such a popular book is because of the high number of digital materials that come with the book. So, you get a lot of trainer DVDs, violin solo tracks, and other performance tracks to practice with.

The book also covers fundamental techniques such as tuning, counting a musical metronome, rosining techniques, and string plucking which are little things that make the difference between average and skilled violin players.

To conclude, this violin book is highly recommended for any aspiring musician or anyone looking to gain some skill playing the violin either as an amateur or performer.

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5-The Ultimate Songbook – Best for Cover Songs

The Ultimate Songbook- Best Violin Book for Cover SongsAre you a beginning violin player and would you like to learn your first repertoire on the violin? Are you looking for guidance to learn your first songs, whether you are learning at home or with a teacher?

The Ultimate Book for Violin Beginners offers an easy solution for any beginning violinists. It helps to learn your first songs on the violin, without needing to understand everything about musical notation yet.

What the songbook for violins contains are over 50 songs for new violin players to learn with. The violin tabs are included so that students can have a stress-free way of learning and practicing.

Along with that, there is also a level system that allows beginners to identify songs that correspond to their level of expertise.

The easy violin tab system which the book uses makes violin learning easy and with constant practice, you will be sure to become a maestro in no time.

With accompanying video tutorials on the YouTube channel Violinspiration, you will be getting the professional support you need to build your repertoire and improve your technique while practicing.

Overall, with this book, all you have got to do now is get your violin and start playing. Each song you will learn will get you closer to the violinist you always have wanted to be.

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Best Violin Books for Intermediate Level Players

6-Suzuki Violin School V 2-3-4

The Suzuki Violin Books (Volumes 2-4) are part of the violin method series by Shinichi Suzuki. According to Shinichi Suzuki, a world-renowned violinist and teacher, the greatest joy an adult can know come from developing a child’s potential. So he/she can express all that is harmonious and best in human beings.

Suzuki Violin School V 2,3,4Below are the different available volumes in the Suzuki Violin School series.

1)  Suzuki Violin School Volume 02

2)  Suzuki Violin School Volume 03

3)  Suzuki Violin School Volume 04

Aside from the fact that the Suzuki method is heralded around the globe as one of the most effective ways of learning the violin. Their books consist of various pieces by famous classical composers. Each lesson has approached by studying each piece, which is offered through a structured approach.

The different learning styles have applied to each lesson, preparing the students to develop musical skills for recitals which also give the students a specific objective to aim for each year.

Also, note reading has introduced on these volumes, which helps a lot in ear training. As the students practice regularly, the pieces get embedded in the student’s minds by the virtue of rote learning.

In the end, one can buy the books separately by volume with an accompanying CD for piano accompaniment and recorded a violin-piano duet.

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7-All for Strings – Book Series

All for Strimgs Book-2 - 3This book is the second and third installment of the All for Strings: Violin. It explores advanced concepts such as musical phrases and composing. Below are the volumes of the different books of the All for strings series.

In Book 2 students will learn new playing techniques and musical concepts.  Here you will find many exercises and musical selections needed for the development of major and minor left-hand finger patterns. Students will also get the introduction to double stops as well as songs in minor keys.

On the other hand, Book 3 is all about developing your technique as well as shifting into positions. New and more complicated rhythms, dynamics, and bowings have also introduced in this book.

Here you will find vibrato exercises, harmonic studies, syncopation trainers, spiccato etudes, and a variety of new exciting rhythm exercises.

In addition to the notes, clefs, time, and key signatures discussed in Book 1, musical puzzles and math games are also available in the books.

Not but least, it also explores even advanced musical concepts, such as octaves, double-stops, and arpeggios – patterns that are usually called for in auditions.

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8-Violin for Dummies Volume 02

 Violin for Dummies Volume 02If you are looking for the best and most comprehensive violin books for learning violin playing at an intermediate level, Violin for Dummies is one of them. Volume 02 has filled with so many details about everything you need to know about playing the violin.

It starts from the basics like the correct ways for holding your violin. And how to play many of the well-known violin tunes and perfecting them.

What volume 02 does well is to improve on all the strong points of the first edition. Also, adds more materials for both tutors and students alike.

Just to give you some background of the author, Katharine Rapoport is an accomplished violinist and a violist who teaches violin, viola, and chamber music at the University of Toronto.

So, volume 02 includes new music for practicing, teaching aids for violin instructors, and digital resources that one can download after purchase.

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9-Fiddle Primer Book

Fiddle Primer GuideExcellent violin players are those who are able to use the fiddle to exact all kinds of music styles from their violin no matter the genre. Fiddle Primer pays attention specifically to bowing and its techniques.

Fiddle Primer covers the beginning material in the Introduction to Violin Video. They are using many diagrams and exercises to emphasize good bowing technique and learning to play in tune.

It then progresses to specific fiddling techniques using songs like You Are My Sunshine, Wildwood Flower, Amazing Grace, and Old Joe Clark.

When you have done all the exercises for the fundamentals of violin bowing. Then, Fiddle Primer then gets you into the more difficult fiddling techniques with tunes having their own peculiarities.

The book includes a CD that features songs at two different speeds. There is also a DVD that shows exact fiddling techniques, hand positions for many of the included tunes. Also, it includes on-screen commentary on hand positions for effective fiddling.

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Tip to Choose Best Violin Book

How do you know which violin book is right for you? There are certain things to look out for when you are trying to buy a violin book either for yourself or for your loved ones who are learning how to play the violin.

 1) Easy to understand 

When choosing a violin book to buy, you should find one that is easy to understand. A good violin book will have all the early steps that any student needs to know, such as how to make a tone, how to count beats or keep rhythms when playing the violin.

Easy to understand also does not mean that there is a lack of content.

 2) Comprehensive content 

Learning through a violin book requires being able to have as much information as possible. So that there is a good chance that when you are then with a human teacher or guide, it is easier to learn. Violin history and music can be read from books and they provide the foundation for further training.

When buying a violin book, you should choose one that goes further than just playing technique but further into music history and other deeper aspects of violin knowledge.

 3) Compact 

Despite the wealth of knowledge that is around the world, nobody wants to be carrying around a really large book about.

When buying a violin book, you don’t want to buy one that is bulky so that it could fit into the violin carrying case easily. This reduces the number of things to carry when going for rehearsals and music practice.

Best Violin Books FAQ

 What does violin books teach you as a beginner violinist? 

Most books begin on open strings, so you can practice your violin hold, bow hold, and basic bowing technique. After that, they start you on the first finger or the second finger.

One can build up the technique step by step with the help of written tunes in the book. Once you’ve learned something, you go to the next thing to learn.

 Why Learn to Play the Violin with the Help of Books? 

While not as interactive as apps on tablets and smart-phones, but books have been around for longer and know what they’re doing when it comes to teaching.

Books are still hugely important when it comes to teaching music. And it can be incredibly useful for anyone wanting to learn to play a musical instrument. They’ve been improving with violinists for almost as long as the violin’s existed.


Books are an extremely effective way to learn anything, and this goes for violins as well. Do not be daunted by them. You do not exactly need to read or master every book on the table. We certainly hope you benefit from the information we provide in this article! If you want to know about the best electric violin, the best violin for advanced players then you should check our best violin category.

Which violin book do you like best? Or if you think we miss anything feel free to write about it.

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