Best Electric Violins 2021- Reviews & Buying Guide

People ask what is cooler than a violin, arguably the electric violin. However, the question arises that how will you be able to acquire the best electric violins?. Best Violin Guide took things into his own hands and prepares a simple rundown for you.

We have gone through hundreds of reviews, articles, videos, and testimonials to create a list of the top 08 best electric violins available in the market.

Best Electric Violins

Musicians are always up for trying new things, crazy ideas, and out of box thinking just for a new sound. And for that, they have to say goodbye to their ease and their favorite instruments.

On the other hand, it is an established fact that the sound and tone of a good old fashion acoustic violin are unmatchable. But still, nobody can deny that the electric violin has its own charm. Therefore, it has caught the attention of all music lovers.

If you are interested to know about what is electric violin & electric Violin types? Then scroll down this page and check the Electric Violin Buyer guide 2021 section.

 Spoilers Alert:  Fun Reading Ahead!

 Our Top Picks 

Best Electric Violin

Best Electric Violin

Bunnel Edge Electric Violin

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2nd Best Electric Violin

Best Electric Violin

Yamha Electric Violin YEV105NT

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Best Electric Violin 2021

Electric violins are similar to the acoustic violin in terms of their parts. As you know these parts are Bow, bridge, fingerboard, strings, and pegs. The only notable thing between the two types is electronic insertion.

So our researchers focusing all basic parts of violins & as well as electric parts in their reviews. Above all, we hope you will enjoy the reviews about the best electric violin 2021 in this article.

List of Top Best Electric Violin 2021

SR #

1-Bunnel EDGE Electric Violin

Bunnel EDGE Electric Violin OutfitThis Electric Violin is best suitable for those who need everything in one go and at one stop. Moreover, this violin outfit includes a lot of fun stuff along with everything one might need.

To begin with, the amplifier which comes with the Bunnel Edge violin outfit is easy for maneuvering the tempo, tone, volume, and other several effects.

Along with that, a headphone is also included for your silent practice sessions. The elegant and sleek design of the violin helps it to achieve its “Rock Star” tagline and the red finish is a cherry on top.

While going into further details, the tailpiece has four fine tuners to tune in the violin whenever needed. On the other hand, the Giuliani bow is the fine result of Brazilwood and Mongolian Horsehair that ensures a powerful yet smoother performance. This product is one of the famous 2021 products of the Kennedy violin brand.

You can see the demonstration of the Bunnel edge electric violin in the below video.

  • All-in-one outfit, including an amp and even a soft cloth
  • Playable for practicing even without an amp
  • Available in Rockstar Red, Bombshell Blue, and Jet Black colors
  • Perhaps a design short-cut, the pegs or tailpiece make it lose its tuning
  • Amp only run on 9-volt battery—stock up, there’s no plug
  • Red finish, while impactful, could use another coat or two

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2-Yamaha Electric Violin YEV105NT

Yamaha Electric Violin YEV105NTYamaha themselves describes this violin as “beautiful, light, easy and fun to play at an affordable price point”, and we couldn’t deny more!

YEV-105 is a 05 strings electric violin suitable for rigorous performances with its stunning yet novel design conceived by the geniuses at Yamaha.

One can say that YEV 105 takes its inspiration from the violin and guitar in regard to shape design and looks.

In other words, this ridiculously good looking instrument is actually pretty lightweight. Also, it made with six different types of woods to create the airy infinity-loop-like design.

The instrument is not a treat to watch only but pleasurable to play as well. It hones the warm and smooth yet organic tone due to an exclusive Yamaha Bridge.

We just found the demonstration video for you. Hopefully, you will enjoy the video and  will get an idea about the beautiful design and quality sound.

  • Visually appealing Design
  • Produces clear and quality sound
  • Made from 6 different high-quality kinds of wood
  • No preamps, no headphones, no batteries necessary
  • Simple and fun to use
  • Shoulder rest not included
  • Quite expensive

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3-DZStrad E201 4-String Electric Violin

DZStrad E201 4-String Electric Violin OutfitLet us assume a situation when someone wants to buy one of the best electric violins available in the market. But they don't want to go to stores to search for it physically. Also, they are not in mood to search on the internet.

Then the best option is DZ Strad as they are a household name for the best violins.

So our cool pick from the DZ Strad electric violin is E 201 outfit which is a conventional 4 string electric violin. This dark red beast looks like every other electric violin but it is the one that never disappoints.

The ebony fingerboard and pegs, carbon fiber tailpiece, and 04 fine tuners ensure to produce in-tune sweet and warm melodies. The lightweight case tags along with the violin.

Further, the E 201 outfit includes the instrument cable, ear-buds, and a 9-volt battery along with a sufficient amount of rosin.

  • Excellent customer care services
  • Relatively cheaper than other brands like Yamaha
  • A finer product with great detailing
  • Relatively costly than some mentions
  • At some occasions, the Amplifier could not generate the best sound
  • A better quality bow might add around $50 to $200 as the by-default bow is not good enough

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4-Bunnel NEXT Silent Violin

Bunnel NEXT Silent ViolinOur next pick is Bunnel NEXT Electric Violin which is famous for producing a smooth tone and featuring massive amplification.

One can easily maneuver the tone while performing with a little help of the sliders that are available to the instrument.

However, the volume alterations can perform through the mini amp which comes with the outfit by-default.

Speaking of the stuff which comes with the violin, D’Addario Strings for Electric Violin do comes free for the upgrade (if you are into powerful sounds).

On the other hand, free headphones provide you the opportunity to practice wherever you want without disturbing your environment.

Although the gorgeous Bunnel Next only available in full size (4/4) but it does come in three stylish shades: Natural Flame, Marigold, and Caramel.

When we talk about Kennedy's violin, then the first thing which comes into our mind is " Lifetime Warranty". Due to this great facility, it gives Kennedy's violin to another level in the violin industry.

  • A lifetime warranty by Kennedy Violins
  • Affordable with a price range under 500$
  • Standard 45 days money-back guarantee
  • Mini Amp, Headphones, instrument cable and a Portland Oblong carrying case included
  • The sound quality of the mini amp is not that great

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5-Stagg EVN 4/4 MBL Silent Violin

Stagg EVN MBL Silent ViolinStagg is a well-known brand, probably one of the best contemporary violin brands. It earned its strong reputation for producing excellent instruments by meeting the musician’s needs.

The EVN is a full size (4/4) silent electric violin that has only one of its kind design that genuinely is appealing.

The open S-shaped design pitches, arguably, a way cooler look than all the traditional violins offer. The solid maple body with a very fine polish helps the EVN to actually shine.

The four fine tuners keep your symphonies in tune and the internal preamp produces the sound you want to hear. The two built-in channel equalizers are more than handy for your rock-on sessions with their volume control.

The complete outfit weighs only five pounds with the violin, bow, headphones, rosin, and other necessary items. In short, Stagg EVN is a marvelous violin with its attention to detail while keeping in mind its price tag.

You can enjoy the slow and melodious cover song. Further, you can see clearly in video artist is using Stagg EVN silent violin.

  • Offers a unique and cool look
  • Available in Metallic Blue & Red, Transparent Red, Black, white and Violin-burst
  • Includes all necessary accessories
  • You need to install the bridge when the package arrives
  • The strings and headphones are not of the best quality

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6-Cecilio CEVN2BK Electric Violin

Cecilio CEVN2BK Electric ViolinCEVN2BK is Cecilio’s “dark horse” in this race. This particular instrument is been used for studio recordings and for live stage performances for quite some time due to advanced quality.

The tone quality and price range suggest that it is best for intermediate or above skilled violinists.

With its fair price, CEVN2BK promises a lot and rightfully delivers as well. Some describe Cecilio CEVN2BK electric violin outfit as “fully loaded”.

The 1/8 output jack for amplifier connection, a pair of headphones, and the line-in jack for background music are some of the included items with a 9-volt battery.

The construction of the violin is pretty neat. The bow and rosin are neither great nor bad. However, the violin case is, of course, lightweight with some beautiful inner padding to protect the instrument.

The CEVN is available in all sizes: 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, and 1/32. However, the 4/4 is a full-size violin for grown-up adults while 1/32 is the smallest size.

If you are interested in a detailed overview in the video, then you can see below video. She described beautifully in her video. Hoping this video will be clear all your questions about Cecilio electric violin.

  • Hand Carved Solid Maple Construction
  • Ebony fittings
  • Has 4 fine tuners
  • Comes with top electric violin kit
  • Strings are of poor quality
  • The final finish could have been better

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7-Yamaha YEV-104NT

Yamaha YEV-104NTThe designers at Yamaha wanted to make a visually appealing instrument with a simple, clean sound that strongly appeals to violin players. Ta-da! Yamaha YEV-104!

Yamaha wanted to create an electric violin that has a hybrid shape of a classic violin. But they also want all the qualities of an electric violin, so they come up with YEV-104.

The design also makes sure that the instrument remains lightweight and provides comfort to the player while giving a Rock-Star look.

You should have noticed that Yamaha YEV-105 is also included in our list. But YEV-105 is a five-string electric violin whereas Yamaha YEV-104 is a conventional 4-string electric violin.

We all know that Yamaha is all about excellent sound and stunning designs at affordable prices and YEV-104 is no other exception.

The instrument always comes ready to play and all you have to do is plug it in into the amp and give it a go. You do not need to worry about having any batteries, headphones or any of the preamps.

  • Six different woods
  • Amazing design
  • Wonderful, high-quality sound
  • Only the violin is included, so need to buy other stuff

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8-AW Electric Violin

AW Electric ViolinThe AW electric violins are famous for being reasonably priced instruments available in the bazaar.

AW usually features aluminum alloy strings that are way more long-lasting and good sounding than nylon strings.

The White-colored, 4/4 basswood pearl paint surface electric violin equips with rosin, headphone, aux cable, and a battery.

Moreover, the outfit features a 1/8" output jack that allows you to connect to most guitar amps or PA systems.

Incidentally, the Volume control allows you to choose the ambiance you want. And you can hear the sound more clearly when connected to the headphone. On the other hand, when you want to put sound outside, you can connect the soundbox with an aux cable.

The AW Electric Violin is suitable for practicing, recording or performing on stage. The weightless carrying case ensures the ease to carry the violin around and protection as through all seasons.

  • Features a 1/8″ output jack
  • Has volume control
  • With a carrying case and violin kit
  • Several color choices available to choose from
  • Requires tuning time to time

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Electric Violin Buyer Guide 2021

 1) What is Electric Violin? 

The electric violin is an instrument that generates music electronically. It usually produces higher, brighter, and stronger notes than the acoustic violins with the help of amplifiers.

Other than that, you may maneuver the sound of an electric violin in whatever way you may want. Frequently, the violinists who play for the amplified bands prefer this instrument.

 2) Different Types of Violins 

Contrary to the common belief that all the electric violins are the same. But the fact is, there is plenty of different types of violins that are available in the market. They are different on the basis of their designs, materials used for their construction, their string section, and accessories that are necessary to play. So, here are some of the types are mention below:

2.1) Pure Electric Violins

Generally, pure electric violins defy the basic traditional look of the violin and adopt more customize and unique designs. It can be in the form of an infinity loop or in S-form or even moon-shape as well.

Despite their shapes, they are still pretty much playable like acoustic violins with few minor anomalies.

2.2) Silent Practice Violins

They are different from pure electric violins only on a single front i.e. they feature headphone jacks for silent practice sessions. If you are starting to learn the violin then it is quite obvious that you will make a great deal of noise before mastering it. So silent practice violins are the ideal choice, though you might need some extra accessories as well.

2.3)  Acoustic-Electric Violins

The third kind is a hybrid combination of Acoustic and electric violin who exactly sounds like the acoustic violins. Also, they do possess the ability to enhance and amplify the signals electronically.  It is the result of “pick-ups” or the mini devices which may switch the acoustic vibrations into electronically produced signals.

 3) How to choose an Electric Violin? 

As I already mentioned that there is a great deal of variety of electric violins and it can be quite hectic to choose an electric violin. There are a few important aspects that may help you in this regard. They are briefly discussed below

 4) Design and Playing Style 

The Internet is a great place to get familiar with all the famous designs, shapes, and forms of violins. So, one should look through them to get a better idea.

On the other hand, the playing style of the violinist is a crucial factor to select a violin. Do you want a good old fashioned violin or are you looking for something radical with a style statement? If you know the answer then you know your violin.

 5) Tone and Price 

The next factor is the tone of a violin and there are numerous tones; some have brighter tones while some possess darker tones. However, the common belief is that tone is subjective and a related phenomenon. Although, nowadays you can achieve your required tone with the help of certain effects. Nonetheless, its importance is never negligible.

Our recommendation is that you should have your own tonal preferences before you go and buy a violin. And you should keep in mind while looking for a suitable violin for yourself. Typically, a better and advanced tone demands a higher price and vice versa.

Electric Violin FAQs

What should we look at when buying a Silent Electric Violin?
There are two of the most important things that one should look for while buying a violin. You can say, one is the sound of the violin, and the other is the quality of a violin.

You never intentionally want to buy a violin that may sound bad. Similarly, your priority is to look for a violin which will give be your companion for many years to come.

What is a Good amp for Electric Violins?
It is not necessary to have an amp that is specially preparing for electric violins. In fact, you can use any guitar amplifier and it will work just fine. Marshall and Fender are a few of the companies that design particularly good amps.

However, there are certain violin brands that will give you a good amp on the house. And, if you buy a brand new violin from them which is a pretty good option too.

Which company makes the Best Electric Violins and best Silent Violins?
Teachers, students, and even pro violinist cannot hide their bias while answering which company is best. And sometimes it’s pretty much frustrating but the essential point is that they are opinions and opinions can differ.

Similarly, every person and his requirements are different so a violin is only best when it meets your requirements. At the same time that “best violin” can be pretty lame for someone else due to his/her different requirements. Therefore, the best violin is defined by individual necessities not by brands. Still, if you are searching for our recommendation, then we will go with Keneddy Violins.


This concludes the list of the top 08 best Electric Violins. As an expert tip, we just want to inform you that many electric violins come without BOW. Or sometimes it comes, but not very good quality. So, it's better to purchase a separate Bow for electric violins.

If you want to know about the best violin music or best violin cover songs then visit our blog category. We definitely wish that this article should have provided you the information you were looking for.

If you think we miss anything feel free to write about it.

Be Happy!!

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