Best Cecilio Violins 2021 – Detailed Analysis

If you are looking for the best Cecilio Violins 2021  then we will advise you to go through our detailed reviews. Our experts prepared a list based on their personal experience and other customer reviews. Hope you will like it!

There will no person, be unaware of the name Cecilio, who has attached anyway with the stringed music industry. Every coming day blesses this name with an increased fan following and a huge number of players around the globe have an unshaken trust towards the brand.

Best Cecilio Violins 2021

Inspired by the name of St. Cecilia, it is a US-based brand. Cecilio is known for its beautiful handcrafted products mainly. They offer stringed instruments, woodwinds, brass, and a huge range of relevant accessories as well. One of the Cecilio is specialized for, are Violins. The Cecilio violin is specialized for beginner and student and for experts as well.

 Our Top Cecilio Violin Picks 

Best Beginner Violin

Best Beginner Violin

Cecilio CVN-300 [No one better than Cecilio]

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Best Electric Violin

Best Intermediate Violin

Cecilio CEVN-2BK [Best Investment for Life]

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List of Top Cecilio Violins 2021

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Best Cecilio Violins 2021 - Detail Reviews

The pride of the brand is to offer high-performing instruments at a lower price range, while the same is built with quality materials for instance maple and spruce are their favorite to use. Ebony fitting is incorporated for ornament and beautification of products.

Above all, every product under the brand is gone through a multi-layer testing system to ensure the standard thereof. Initially, a product is tested at the Cecilio factory which later on goes under the same testing procedure at the local warehouse wherever is it forwarded to. Even after that, the product comes to the buyer with a one-year manufacturing defect warranty cover to facilitate the consumer in case of any defect.

Conclusively saying, it will not be easy for a buyer to decide which one is best amongst all the Cecilio models to take home. Each product will be carrying a price and quality combo with it. Below we shall discuss some ten of the most selling models of 2021 with multiple performances and affordability features.

1- Cecilio CVN-200 Violin

Cecilio CVN-200 ViolinCVN 200 is a full-size violin i.e. 4/4 size by Cecilio. The built of this wonderful violin is simply fantastic. It holds a solid spruce wood top, and the back is made of maple wood to bless it with perfect resonant responsiveness. The neck and sides of the violin are decorated with inlaid bordering and are finished using natural varnish.

Similarly, it has a maple fingerboard along with durable boxwood pegs. You will find four Nickle plated fine tuners on the tailpiece which are easily detachable if you do not want them there. A comfortable chinrest is attached thereto in order to provide you easy handling experience.

Moreover, CVN 200 is strung using Prelude strings by D’Addario. Prelude strings are known for pitch stability and are easy to bow as well. The product comes to you along with a complete package of accessories thereof and you will also receive a high-performance chromatic tuner, to help you calculate the pitch level of your instrument in order to tune it fine for a better acoustic response. That is not all. A lesson book for your convenience is also added to the package.

In addition to a sturdy casing for safe storage of the instrument, you will also get two bows made of brazilwood having a Mangolian unbleached horsehair ribbon. A rosin cake of fine quality is also accompanied by a comfortable shoulder rest to avoid drooping and slipping problems. The package also includes an extra bridge for any emergent need.

Above all the brand offers a one-year manufacturing defect warranty with every sale.
The CVN 200 violin has a clear and bright tone. The brands are a recommendation particularly for the students starting learning. It is an exclusively durable product that will let you perform notably in any orchestra group.


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2-  Cecilio CVN-300 Violin

Cecilio CVN-300 ViolinOur next pick is an enhanced version of the previous one. It also has the same lot of accessories to come along. CVN 300 has an Ebony fingerboard which enhances its beauty a hundred times. The construction and features are the same as of CVN 200. For instance, it is strung with prelude strings by D’Addario and has nickel-plated fine tuners on the tailpiece which are detachable.

Similarly, CVN 300 comes to you with a one year warranty for manufacturing defects. It is recommended for beginners as well as intermediary level players, by the teachers. It is a full 4/4 size violin, though other size options are available under the brand.

Weighing 5 pounds, this product has a 32x12x5 inches dimension. The varnish colored body of this violin acoustically resonates with the string vibrations. Which results in a clearer and warmer tonal output.

Moreover, it comes with an instructions book, which makes it the best choice to learn on. You simply need to rosin the bow and tune the strings and you are ready to play the world’s best tones. The CVN 300 provides you with richer tones, though it's slightly heavier than CVN 200. You will find what you have paid for.

Above all the CVN 300 has a 64 percent rating as 5 star which translates into that majority trusts the model. The choice is great for people who are bound to a particular budget.

  • Complete accessories package
  • Offers more rich tones
  • Recommended for intermediate student as well as for beginners
  • You may find it slightly heavier than CVN 200

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3- Cecilio CVNAE-Black Violin

Cecilio CVNAE-Black ViolinCVNAE is a student violin recommended for beginners and students equally. It's a 4/4 Acoustic and electric violin. The metallic black this elegant looking violin has a solid spruce top which is hand-carved by experienced professionals. It is one of the best Cecilio violins that's why we picked it.

The sides and back of which are made of finely selected maple wood. That makes it more resonant with the amplitude.

Moreover, it carries Ebony pegs and fingerboard along with. A chinrest is attached thereto for a comfortable holding. The tailpiece has a 4 piece of Nickle plated fine tuners for a better playing experience.

Similar to others CVNAE does not come along to you. A package of high-quality accessories is included therein. For Instance, an aux cable is there to support electronic playing.

The bow included in the package has a Mongolian unbleached horsehair ribbon. For the safe storage of your precious instrument, a sturdy casing comes along, which is lightweight to carry, and is foam fitted inside, which protects your instrument from scratch and damage.

In addition to a durable violin bridge and supreme quality rosin, there comes an adjustable shoulder rest that is padded with long life foam material, the feet of which are made of soft rubber so that it holds the violin gently and does not hurt the skin of the violin.

Above all, a year manufacturing fault warranty ensures the protection of your money. And avoids your financial loss. So rest satisfied, you will get what you have paid for

  • An elegant metallic black unique look
  • Carries an accessories package
  • Dual play i.e. Acoustic and electronic
  • One-year warranty protection
  • Full size 4/4
  • Recommended for students and beginners
  • You will get addicted to it

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4- Cecilio CVN-600 Violin

Cecilio CVN-600 ViolinThe maple, used for making the back and sides of CVN 600, is a naturally dried 7 years old wood. It makes a more resonating sound chamber which converts the string vibration input into an acoustically high and clearer sound, which enhances the sound projection, as well as the notes, are more clear because of a smoother transfer of amplitude.

While the top is grained spruce built and exclusively solid. Similarly, the violin has inlaid purfling for a more decorated look and the finishing is done by hand served polishing by experienced professionals.

Moreover, the violin is strung with D’Addario prelude strings which are known for their melodious performance. When they are hit with a brazilwood bow ribboned with unbleached Mongolia horsehair, which comes along with the violin (2 bows included), the meeting of both is translated into a more rich and pleasant tonal outcome thereof.

In addition to the two brazilwood bows, there are multiple accessories included in the lot. For instance a chromatic tuner and fine quality rosin cake. A spare bridge to be used in case of any unexpected damage or loss along with a shoulder rest which is easily adjustable and helps different sizes of the neck is also included.

That’s not all, the durable storage case is equipped with a hydrometer for better storage, and for learning purposes, there is a lesson book added to the deal. Chinrest is also there. Tailpiece carries four fine tuners and the violin is ornamented with an Ebony fingerboard.

Most importantly, like others, the product comes with a one year warranty which covers the manufacturing defects to protect your investment.

  • Maple wood back and side built up
  • Finishing is hand served
  • Enhanced and clearer tonal outcome
  • The deal includes high-quality accessories
  • One-year warranty cover
  • The storage case has a hydrometer
  • Equipped with Prelude strings
  • Exposure of strings to direct sunlight, heater, air conditioners or rain will damage the finishing of the strings.

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5- Cecilio CEVN-1BK  Violin

Cecilio CEVN-1BK ViolinYour real electric companion, while practicing or performing in front of an audience, CEVN 1BK will always keep you feeling comfortably melodious.

It's a full-size silent electric violin, so while practicing you are not supposed to disturb the people nearby. You are free to practice as aggressive as you want to. It's a wonderful choice not only for beginners and intermediaries but also for the professionals within the price range.

The product is full-size violin i.e. 4/4 and has an elegant metallic black varnished look. Maple wood body is hand-carved by professionals and is ornamented with an ebony fingerboard, pegs, and the chinrest. The tail is equipped with 4 fine tuners that are detachable and have a Nickle plated beautiful impact.

Similar to many other package plans, CEVN 1BK also comes with some of the important accessories Such as quality rosin and an extra bridge as well as a brazilwood bow that holds a magnolia unbleached horsehair ribbon.

Moreover, as it’s an electric silent violin, so accordingly there come multiple electric kinds of accessories along with. For instance, the aux cable and headphones are included in the package. The storage case is strong and durable and is well padded inwardly for a safe carriage of the instrument.

The violin has an audio output jack to attach a headphone therewith, and on the other hand, you also find an input jack in order to play with a background track. Their features translate into that it provides you a complete functionality meeting your needs and mood regarding what and how do you want to play.

Above all there were some reviews of the buyers who have already used this model, they expressed their experience as there are microphones included but are not needed because although the strings create enough tone to hear nobody will receive the sound on the other side of the wall. So rest assured of a wonderful and peaceful playing session with this one.

  • Full-size violin
  • Equally recommended for beginners to pros
  • Electric and acoustic accessories are included
  • Line in and Line out jacks available for headphone or background tracks inputs
  • 1/8” jack output to connect with Amps or PA systems
  • 1/4” and 1/8” cables present in the deal
  • One-year warranty cover
  • 9V Alkaline Batter
  • Stock is limited, so need to hurry up

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6- Cecilio CEVN-2BK Violin

Cecilio CEVN-2BK ViolinAnother great option in the same category as the previous one. An electric silent full-size violin by Cecilio CEVN 2BK. Yes, it can be called an advanced version of 1BK with better performance and more sophistication.

The maple wood body of the instrument is beautifully designed and carved by experienced hands and is having a metallic black varnished finishing. The model is powered by a 9V alkaline battery that comes along with the product.

Moreover, there is an ebony fingerboard and the tailpiece is ornamented with the mother of pearl inlay. The beautification is supreme in this price range. There are stylish pegs and chinrest available for appropriate string holding an instrument relatively. The product has multiple functionalities to create a required playing aura for having uninterrupted playing sessions.

For instance volume control, Line out for attaching headphones, and Line in for a background track input, allows you to play freely while nobody will get disturbed by your day-night practice. You can also attach it with guitar amps. There is a separate input to attach the microphone therewith.

Simultaneously a brazilwood bow carrying unbleached Mongolian horsehair ribbon, aux cable, an extra bridge, rosin of fine quality, and supreme sound headphones will be accompanying the instrument while it knocks on your door. Your precious purchase will be stored safely in a hard casing which is light in weight and able to protect the product from damage.

Above all again the one-year warranty cover protects your investment. The warranty coming with every model should make someone think that why the brand is offering this cover with almost every product. Isn’t it the evidence of credibility? To me it is.

  • Full size professional silent electric instrument
  • Supports multiple functionalities for a controlled ambiance
  • Necessary attachment come along
  • Enhanced look with ebony fingerboard and mother of pearl inlaid tailpiece
  • One-year warranty cover
  • Your fingers will need a couple of hours of practice to become familiar with the placement.

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7- Mendini Solid Wood Violins comparison

Mendini MV200 ViolinTime to compare the distinct features of two similar products by Cecilio. These are Mendini MV-200 and Mendini MV-300. Discussing both models together has a certain reason behind it.

Both of the models are made aiming the beginners particularly. Being a low budget with ultra-efficient performance, one of the two may be your pick if you are tight with the spending but still want to have a complete violing kit along with a variable tonal output.

Well, both of the models have some similarities as well as numerous distinct points to look at. For instance, each of the two has a solid spruce top while the back of maple wood. Neck and sides are smoothly finished having slight purfling thereon. There is an alloy tailpiece on both, having fine tuners that are not detachable.

Moreover, each comes with a brazilwood bow having an unbleached horsehair ribbon. Each of the two is accompanied by a foam padded adjustable shoulder rest, the feet of which are made of soft rubber to protect the body of the violin from scratches.

Similarly, the presence of an extra set of strings, a rosin cake, and an extra bridge makes the deal worth paying for. Chinrest is attached to the instrument to support different sizes of necks. Collectively saying the deal includes everything a beginner needs as a perfect startup.

The beauty of the brand is that every piece passes through a double testing system, once in the Cecilio workshop, and later on the local warehouse. This two-layer quality control system eliminates the chances of any poorness in built-up and performance. Even after, a one-year warranty cover is offered with each product that is evident in how serious the brand is about customer satisfaction.

Coming to the distinctions, you will find that MV-200 holds a natural wood color with varnish finishing served smoothly so that you will never find any roughness on the skin if taken care of standardly. While MV-300 has a soft satin varnished skin which blesses it with an elegant antique look. Similarly, MV-200 is specialized for a vibrant and brighter tonal impression while MV-300 produces warmer mellow sound thereof.

  • The complete package for a startup in a lower budget
  • Made for beginners particularly
  • MV 200 for a brighter sound
  • MV 300 for mellow tones
  • Warranty cover and Helpline support
  • Maybe a bit difficult to pick the best out of two

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8- Cecilio CVN-700 Violin

Cecilio CVN-700 ViolinCVN 700 is a prominent model among the professional ones by Cecilio. It’s a full-size professional violin that comes along with multiple benefits for the buyer. A one-year warranty cover is as usual provided with it for manufacturing defects.

Other notable features of the model include a one-piece back highly flamed as well as the sides which are hand incised and made of 7 years old naturally dried maple wood material. A grained spruce top not only enhances its beauty but also its sturdiness provides durability to the instrument. Simultaneously you will find it decorated with inlaid purfling while the body is semi oil rubbed by expert luthiers.

Moreover, there is an ebony fingerboard and chinrest and the tail is equipped with detachable fine tuners. An adjustable shoulder will also come to you accompanying a deluxe quality rosin cake in addition to other accessories. There will be two extra bridges as well as two octagonal bows made of brazilwood. I guess you will not need to buy a bridge or bow for long unless you want to upgrade.

Similarly, in case of any damage to the stringent, there is an extra set of strings available in the deal, so that you can replace them immediately. And your precious instrument will be stored in a hard casing to keep it protected not only from climate exposures but other damages as well. Last but not the least, you will also get a 92D chromatic tuner accompanied by a lesson book and metronome therein.

A review from a buyer was in the words that it's a perfect upgrade from my previous violin. So you need to hurry up if you also want to upgrade.

  • Full-size professional violin
  • More extra sets of accessories
  • Specialized for warmer tones
  • Warranty cover available
  • If you do not prefer octagonal bows, you need to buy one of your choices separately

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9- Mendini MV500 Violin

Mendini MV500 ViolinThe most recommended model within Mendini models by the users is Mendini MV500. It has a more enhance sound projection capacity and provides you the richest deeper tones. Its acoustic output will dominate another in this price range or even a bit higher.

Not only for beginners but also for the intermediary and expert students, this will work far better than any comparisons. An antique look comes out of its darker finishing and the product is more durable to accompany you for a longer time.

MV 500 is built of one-piece maple wood back, neck and sides. The solid spruce top is hand finished with smooth professional level varnishing, and inlaid purfling enhances its beautification level.

Simultaneously in the deal, a 92D chromatic tuner is included along with two brazilwood bows ribboned with unbleached magnolia horsehair. Two extra bridges for unexpected need and a premium quality rosin cake is added thereto. You will also get an extra set of strings and a shoulder rest easily adjustable. The product is safely stored in a sturdy lightweight casing.

Above all, a year warranty cover will also protect your investment. There were as many positive reviews of the users about the product as I could not decide which one to share with you. But the most precise I have picked for your interest, it was as short as “10/10”

  • Enhance sound projection
  • More powerful richer tones
  • Long-life usability aimed at construction
  • Warranty cover
  • Extra sets of accessories included
  • In exceptional cases, the color of the real product may feel varied from the picture.

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Best Cecilio Violins FAQs

 1- How can I choose the violin of my size? 

Though the adults normally use a full-size 4/4 violin without any classification yet we can talk about the standard formula for the purpose. Raising your left-hand perpendicular to your body extending your full arm, the distance between your neck and the palm can answer the question.

As a standard a 23 inches length is appropriate for a 4/4 size violin which is a full size, similarly, the 13-inch distance will need the smallest size i.e. 1/32. The rest of the sizes are in-between. The lesser the length is smaller the violin size gradually. Below is a standard sizing chart for your convenience


(Neck to Palm)


The courtesy of propagating these standard sizes goes to Cecilio. Look at how professional they are.

 2- What may be an ideal built-up of the violin body? 

Always go for hard and sturdy body construction. Try applying weight on it slightly, a groaning or creaking one is not the one with a solid built-up.  Damages, apertures, or cracks in the body, do interrupt the amplitude transmission throughout, so keep an eye on it.

Similarly, finishing always must be smooth and fine. The roughness of the will not allow the sound chamber to resonate appropriately. That can destroy the sound of your precious Strings. Cecilio is mastered for making finely finished and sturdy nature violins.

 3- What to do if a model is out of stock? 

There is nothing to worry about. It often happens with the fast-selling brands that the store goes out of stock for any particular product of the model. But they do not let it happen for long.

There may be a few days delay for refilling the stock, so if you are determined to a particular model, you better need to be patient and keep checking, you will soon get the same available. And if your need does not allow you to wait, there is always the model having similar features, you can pick another best fit for your requirement.

 4- What is the helpline of Cecilio, and other contact options? 

Cecilio provides a warranty cover with each of its products almost. Accordingly, they offer a toll-free helpline to be contacted in case of any queries thereof. The toll-free number of Cecilio is 877-232-4546.

Be Happy!!

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