Best Violin 2021 Reviews [Never Seen Before] and Buying Guide

Playing the violin can be fun. Isn’t it? Certainly, smooth sounds are constantly lovely to tune in, yet with regards to delivering such sounds, it could be a truly challenging task without having the best violin. Did you know why?

Either you are a proficient artist or a student, having low-quality violin could be difficult to make musical sounds. Not just experienced hands are needed to make melodious sounds, great quality Violin is required likewise.

Wait let me recall you briefly about violin:

Violin is the classic acoustic instrument sometimes known as a fiddle. It is basically a wooden string instrument in the violin family. The Violin generally has four strings (G3, D4, A4, E5), usually used to produce sweet tones with the help of smartly played BOW.

In the event that you are keen on purchasing the Best Violin, at that point you are right on target. Despite your aptitude levels, these Violins are worth to contribute.

There are certain factors while purchasing. These incorporate size, quality, bow, strings, and many more. Here we have assembled a rundown of top-rated Violins that assist you with improving your abilities to play.

 Our Top Picks 

Best Budget Violin
It is our Top Pick for best Violin 2020 [Best Budget Violin]

Cecilio Violin [CVN-300 Size 4/4]

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Best Beginner Violin
It is our second Top Pick of best Violin 2020 [Best Begginer Violin]

Mendini Violin [Solid Wood with 4/4 Size]

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Best Violins 2021- Overview

Best Violin 2020 Reviews

Before buying anything most of us look through it on the web and compare it with different types of violin, why not? In the event that you will put away your cash, you reserve each option to explore for it and pick the best one in return for the cash you are giving.

So, we ended up researching the highest-rated violins in 2021. After testing various violins and taking individual reviews of experts, we prepared top buying violins list and it will surely assist you that which Violin will be the best for you.

Even now, everything relies upon what is your need? Either you are searching for a violin to choose a profession or you want a violin for your hobby. If you are interested for the best violin for kids, beginner & advance players then must read our relevant articles.

List of Top Best Violins of 2021

SR #
Mendini Solid Wood Violin - Best beginner Violin
Cecilio CVN-300 Violin - Best Budget Violin
Bunnel Pupil Violin - Best Quality Violin
Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1BK Electric- Best Electric Violin
Crescent Violin Starter Kit - Best Kids Violin
Cecilio 4/4CVN-EAV - Best student Violin
Yamaha Model 5 Violin Outfit -Best professional Violin
Stentor 1400 ¾ Violin - Best Gift Violin
Stentor -1550 - Best Intermediate Violin
Mendini MV500- Best Purchased Violin

1 Mendini Violin Model SV300 [Best beginner Violin]

Mendini Violin - Best Violin 2020 for beginner

Are you looking for impressive quality at an affordable price? The Mendini Solid Wood Violin offers what you need for the price. It is remarkably known for the top-selling Violin available in the market at a cheap price.

This violin gives a warm and clear sound, unlike other violins. It would be pleasing to experience it. It is simple and easy to work with even for the very first time.

Among various amazing features, this model brings an outfit. It includes every needed thing to get started. Due to the simple techniques, it is the best choice for a beginner.

This violin provides a superior warm and mellow tone. It increases a clearer sound tone by adding a soft satin varnish finish to match. Also, you will feel like a bright and vibrant tone as well as finish.

  • Solid wood construction
  • Eye appealing design with a beautiful finish
  • Four built-in fine tuners for alloy tailpiece
  • Mellow sound and one year warranty
 Available Colors 

One of the best features is the colors which it offers. There are so many colors available to choose from. These include black, white, antique, natural, blue, pink, and purple.

 Available Size 

Also, there are different sizes available which can suit pretty much anybody. As we have said, it comes with an outfit. You can choose the size according to your age as per buyer guide instruction. It is a hard, lightweight case including a shoulder rest, a bow, rosin, an extra set of strings, two violin bridges.

Although it offers a lower price, it is incredibly durable. But at some points, you have to replace its strings to get a better experience. One thing is also considered about it. It doesn’t get rough for an hour of everyday practice. But if you want long hours’ practice, it is not good for you. Otherwise, it is perfectly fine.


Overall, it is offering easy violin music. Also, it is an easy way of showing off to have a violin for fun with friends. So it is best violin for beginners.

  • Highly durable & 1 Year Warranty
  • Very affordable
  • Case with additional accessories
  • Comes with a range of colors
  • Its strings could be improved

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2-Cecilio Violin-Model CVN300 [Best Budget Violin]

Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood Violin - Best Budget ViolinIf you are interested in top rated & best budget violin then it’s a perfect choice for you. It is specially crafted to handle all the needs of performers.

This violin gives a pleasantly bright and warm tone. With its ebony fingerboard, pegs chinrest, and tailpiece, it’s an effective and capable instrument that gives confidence to violin players to have fun with this violin.

It is available in different violin sizes which can be suitable pretty much for all.

It comes with a complete package that includes Cecilio chromatic tuner, lesson book, lightweight hard case, 2 x Brazilwood bows with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, quality rosin cake, adjustable shoulder rest, and an extra bridge. So it’s a complete jumbo package at a good price if you are considerate about violin cost as well.

For the increased trust, it comes with 1 year of warranty. So, if you find any defect, then it offers easy-returning.

It is the best choice for the beginner or intermediate students as per the teacher’s recommendation due to its superior quality and low budget.

One thing should be kept in mind while you are planning to choose this violin, it does not come with an extra set of strings.

Overall it is a great instrument to learn on, especially with this package which includes an instruction book.

  • Belongs to Acoustic type of Violin Family
  • Hand-Curved Solid Spruce top
  • Eye appealing design with antique varnish color
  • Built-in fine tuners for the ebony tailpiece
  • Ebony fingerboard and fittings
  • Highly durable
  • Very affordable
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Learning Book & DVD
  • Extra set of strings not included

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3-Kennedy Violin-Model Bunnel Pupil Violin [Best Quality Violin]

Bunnel Pupil Violin By Kennedy Violins - Best Quality ViolinWait!! Are u looking for the best quality and top-rated violin? If Yes, go ahead. Of course, everyone wants the best quality violin & it’s an ultimate choice for musicians.

It is the highest quality related item available in the market with a complete outfit. Violin makers have designed it in a beautiful way.It comes with a complete outfit that includes bow, strings installed, case, extra string set etc.

It is ready to play, no need to be installed or assembled at home. Assembly is performed by professional luthiers.

This violin is handcrafted with solid maple and 100% genuine ebony fittings. The really cool and interesting thing is, this product comes with a lifetime warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee.

It is available in different sizes like 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, 3/4, and 4/4. You can choose your size according to your comfort. This violin manufactured by Kennedy Violins. They have great customer relations and service!

Overall, this violin will be far superior to any other beginner violin at this incredible price. It has a big name in the violins.

  • Belongs to Acoustic type of Violin Family
  • Pre-installed steel-core D'Addario Prelude Strings
  • Four professional quality built-in fine tuners on a composite tailpiece
  • 100% natural ebony fittings.
  • Satin oil finish (not a shiny, thick,sounding lacquer finish)
  • Highest Quality Rated Violin
  • Comes with Complete Outfit
  • Life time Guarantee
  • Assembled and ready to play
  • None, it’s a very good violin

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4- Cecilio Electric Violin-Model CEVN 1BK  [Best Electric Violin]

Cecilio Electric Model CEVN-1BK - Best Electric ViolinThe Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-1BK Full-Size Violin is designed for all level of musicians who are serious about the long-lasting violin. It is an all-day music learning instrument with high quality playable and enjoyable qualities.

This is designed by Cecilio brand. It delivers better value for your bucks. Since this brand came into the market is known for its premium quality instruments when it comes to musical instruments.

This violin is also powerful. Whether you are a professional or musical educator, it is a perfect violin pickup for you.

It is designed to provide remarkable sound. It is made up of seasoning valued wood with a hand-carved solid spruce top. The features include hand-carved solid maple back and sides, hand-inlaid purfling, and ebony pegs.

This violin package includes a well-padded lightweight hard case, a bow, rosin, bridge, pickup, aux cable, and headphones.

It’s a real beauty. With the Antique Varnish, White, Black look, it has an eye-catching design. The look with its quality performance makes it the Best Electric Violin in the world.

There are so many people who liked its beautiful streamlined body. With elegant and solid side featuring, it offers cutting edge performance, unlike traditional violin.

It provides violinists of all levels with the ability to practice confidently without disturbing others. You can check more electric violin list in our Best Electric Violin blog.

 Available Size 

Additionally, it comes with a size of 3/4 and 4/4 and considered as a big violin. It has a lightweight, beautiful case.

  • Full-size solid constructions with attractive looking
  • Hand-carved solid spruce top and maple back and sides
  • One year of warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • Supported with Acoustic/Electric type
  • Attractive design
  • Premium quality material
  • Comes with 1-year warranty
  • Comes with all needed accessories
  • Quality could be better

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5- Crescent Violin  4/4 Full-Size Starter Kit [Best Kids Violin]

Crescent Violin Starter Kit - Best Kids ViolinNext up, we have the Crescent 4/4 Full-Size Student Violin. It is a perfect violin for kids for both displaying and playing.

The quality is impressive for the low price. If you want something that works pretty fine, it might be the best one. It features maple wood back as well as sides. Also, it includes a genuine horse wood bow.

There are some accessories, as well. These include rosin, a tuner, and a carrying case.

It is perfect for kids who want to learn how to play the violin.


 Available Colors 

Out of the blast features, there are seven colors available with4/4 full size. The colors are black, blue, green, pink, antique, white, and purple.

Aside from a range of colors, it looks funnily enough like high-end models. The beautiful looks also feel really great as it is a basic instrument, so it doesn’t allow you to play advanced music.

Want to try a new hobby in your spare time? This violin is highly considerable. This violin would be good who wants something different for some time frequently. So it is good for you who wants an affordable one.

  • Comes with full size 4/4 violin
  • Solid spruce top with maple back and sides
  • Four fine tuners for alloy tailpiece
  • For beginner or anyone interested in starting violin
  • Included carry case with accessories

Moreover, it is also a good addition to your home ornaments. It would give you some hours to spend happily but use as little as possible.

Overall, it is good as a hobby for some time to spend with. For the price, it is the Best cheap Violin for kids.

  • Very affordable
  • Give a nice feel for touch and sound
  • Adorable design
  • Good for those interested guys in starting in violin
  • Doesn’t have shoulder rest

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6- Cecilio Violin-Model 4/4CVN-EAV+SR 4/4 [Best student Violin]

Cecilio Full Size Violin - Best student ViolinAnother most affordable Violin for students. It’s Cecilio 4/4CVN-EAV+SR Full Size Violin. It gives exceptional quality. Its craftsmanship is on the higher level for any beginner as well as a student violinist.

Like other higher-end models, it features a hand-carved solid spruce top. With hand-carved maple back and sides finish with antique finishes makes it most adorable.

The sound is also richer and vibrant. It is because, this violin is fitted with ebony fingerboard, tailpiece, pegs, and chinrest. In addition, it includes 4 detachable nickel plated fine tuners.

Its color is a bit darker than looks more drastic. If you like darker violins, it would be a great beauty. If we compared to regular red violins, this instrument is more appealing.

 Available Size 

However, it is available in two sizes. It includes ¾ and 4/4. This does not matter which size you buy. It is offering a bow, a deluxe oblong hard case, rosin, shoulder rest, and a bridge.

The pretty cool thing is, its bow is made of unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair while the chin rest, pegs, tailpieces, and fingerboard are made from ebony.

  • Comes with full size
  • Solid hand-carved spruce top and maple back as well as sides
  • Adjustable shoulder rest with rubber feet
  • Carrying case with all accessories
  • Beautiful varnish antique finish
  • Included one year’s warranty

Besides, this model comes with a 1 year guarantee that makes sure it stays more lone than your expectations.

Overall, this violin with dark appearance looks rich. It would be the best choice to learn violin with easy to use techniques. With all the needed accessories, this Best Violin offers a great value for the price.

  • Made of solid maple
  • Beautiful looks
  • Case with hygrometer humidity
  • 1 year of warranty
  • Affordable
  • The string could be better

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7-Yamaha Violin-Model 5  Outfit 4/4 Size [Best professional Violin]

Yamaha Violin Model 5 -Best professional ViolinThe Yamaha Model 5 4/4 Size Violin comes from a well-reputed brand. The Yamaha is one of the top leading violin brands that produce the largest number of musical instruments. It is one of them and known for its high-quality violins with unbeatable reliability.

When it comes to Yamaha Model 5 4/4 Size Violin is made of premium quality. It is made for a professional violinist. Indeed, it is the Best Violin for professionals.

Using the traditional techniques with the blending of modern style, it looks fabulous. Unbelievably, its craftsmanship is beyond expectations.

There is no virtual flaws or imperfections.

Aside from its amazing appearance, it produces mellow sounds with a clearer tone. Though, it is known as a “student instrument”, but the quality would be incredible for advanced players as well.

It has a solid hand made the spruce top as well as maple back and sides. With ebony fingerboard, rosewood tuning pegs, and chinrest, it gives everything that the best violinist needs. Also, a tailpiece is included.

What’s more? This model is offering four fine tuners. Unlike other models, it comes with a prelude string. These are more durable and gives a soft feel on fingertips.

  • The best quality instrument with everything needed
  • Comes with five years of warranty
  • A spruce top as well as maple back and side
  • Made from selected material with traditional methods
  • Great for the price

Additionally, it allows you to get a lightweight Cordura covered case, rosin as well as brazilwood.

For the price, it is nice. For increased satisfaction, it comes with 5 years of warranty. Besides, it has only one color with three sizes so you can choose one of the best that fits your needs.

Overall, this Violin by Yamaha would be a great choice from serious students to professional ones. Also, it brings all things that you need to get the best musical experience to practice and perform.

You can visit on professionals violin page for further details.

  • Great sound
  • Excellent quality
  • Eye-appealing design
  • Durable
  • None, it's a very good violin

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8-Stentor Violin-Model 1400 ¾ [Best Gift Violin]

Stentor Violin Model 1400-Best Gift ViolinStentor is the best music violin for students. Due to its smaller design, it is also a kid's violin. Well, there are so many sizes available to choose from. That’s why it is worth consideration. Let’s get into its qualities.

This violin comes with everything that a child needs to get started. It is offering a lightweight carrying case so you can safely place it after playing. Also, it includes a bow.

If you want to learn to play the violin for your kids, it offers needed to focus. It offers nice holding to kids. Also, it let them know how to stand with it with correct posture.

It won’t be playing difficult even in the beginning. This model offers the best sound quality, like a mellow sound.

When it comes to design, it is made of high-quality solid maple back and sides. Also, the spruce looks good, so your kids feel real sound.

For sound, it is made of high-quality tonewoods. It produces a warm sound. This is meant for orchestra play. This feature allows students to practice with it.

  • Comes with a sturdier design
  • Including carved solid spruce top
  • Solid maple back and sides
  • Blackened rosewood fingerboard

Additionally, the ebony fingerboards and pegs are best for improving sound as well as appearance.

Since the 1890’s Stentor has been introducing the best music violins. Their violins are made of high crafted instead of other models in its class. To date, their violins are highly in demand in the market.

Besides, it offers less quality of strings. Also, there is no shoulder rests included.

Overall, this violin is best for true beginners to intermediate students. With the sturdy design, it offers sweat sound. Indeed, it is one of  Best gift Violin in 2021.

  • Affordable
  • Comes in many sizes
  • Included with case and bow
  • Made of high quality
  • Low-quality strings
  • No shoulder rest

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9- Stentor 4 String Violin-Model 1550 4/4 [Best Intermediate Violin]

Stentor 4-String Violin 1550- Best Intermediate ViolinThe Stentor, 4-String Violin (1550 4/4) is one of the Best intermediate Violins in the world. This violin is lightweight and handcrafted. It is made of gorgeous design. It is coupled with solid tonewoods that include a dine-grained spruce top.

With the maple back and design, it offers solid construction. There features an inlaid purfling, hardwood chin rest, and full ebony fittings. It is also worth mentioning. It offers super-sensitive red label strings.

Also, it is featuring four string adjusters and a nylon tailpiece loop. It comes with fully assembled. It has an elegant, rich red-brown color with a shellac TM clear-coated lacquer finish.

This model is to be supplied with a full mounted wooden horsehair bow and a deluxe oblong case. There are also features blanket and violin shoulder rest compartment.

With the high-quality construction and beautifully toned sound makes it one of the perfect Violins available in the market. It looks far more like a professional violin as compared to beginners’ violins.


  • Lightweight hard case with integral cover
  • Hard crafted solid construction
  • Four strings adjusters
  • Shoulder rest compartment
  • Solid maple back full ebony fittings

Additionally, it offers an excellent tone. It offers a deeper tone with a little melody. Also, solid construction enhances durability.

When it comes to turning, it is super simple and incredible. The super clean and clear design with wonderful sound makes it the best choice for the intermediate player.

Overall, if you want to groom your musical skills, then it is a perfect choice to increases violin skills in students. If you want to know more about intermediate violins then you can check this article.

  • Affordable
  • Solid construction
  • Looks great and exceptional
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Quality could be improved

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10- Mendini Flamed Violin-Model MV500+92D [Best Purchased Violin]

Mendini MV500+92D Flamed- Best Purchased ViolinLast but not least, with its deep, rich, and powerful tone, the Mendini MV500 comes highly recommended by clients. It is an ideal choice for experienced students.

It has superior tonal quality and exceptional ability to produce a sensuous sound.

This violin is very attractive, a dark design that gives the impression of antiquity. Due to its beautiful design & quality, it is the best choice at a very economical price.

This violin comes with a complete outfit that includes Lightweight hard case, adjustable shoulder rest, 2 bridges, quality rosin, and an extra set of violin strings.

Although it is a very shining and good quality violin before purchase, you should know about how to assemble violin pieces. Otherwise, it could be a difficult task for you.

  • Ebony fingerboard, pegs chin rest, and tailpiece with 4 detachable fine tuners
  • Hand-carved solid spruce top and maple back and sides
  • One year of warranty against manufacturer’s defects
  • Attractive design
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Comes with all needed accessories
  • Pieces assembling could be difficult.

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Buying Guide

It is important to know which aspects make one of the Best Violins.

These include:

  1. Design
  2. Bow
  3. Strings
  4. Price
  5. Quality
  6. New or used
  7. Size
  8. Feel

Before you know these factors, you should know the parts of a Violin.

Violin Parts


At first glance, we all look at the design. So it is important to get an appealing design. Commonly, the good Violin is made of spruce wood from its top to bottom. However, the back and sides construction is of maple.

The violins made of wood are more durable and reliable as compared to other brands. Also, they offer natural and mellow sound. However, there is another material also available for violins. These include plastic or laminate wood.

We don’t recommend a plastic violin. It’s doesn’t look classy. Besides, we highly appreciate maple wood. You should keep also look for cracks if looking for wood material. It is because the cracks may light to the splitting of the wood.

Violin DesignNobody wants splinters of wood. It makes your investment worthless.

Why do we recommend wood violins? It’s not about the price but the varnishing that you will feel. For the professional’s violins, the varnish is even. Also, the grains are fine, and brush strokes are even.

Additionally, if you want to get a soft, warm ad reverberating tone, then you should go for the best quality wood construction. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate, you should see at the varnishing to get a smooth music experience.

Also, keep in mind how much the thicker the violin, you will feel fewer notes resonates within your body. Also, the tone will be duller, as well. Amazingly, if you have a violin with a thin, but a present coat of varnish, so that the body is still protected. In return, you will get a mellow tone.

Note: It should be noted that there are most people when buying the Violin; they miss the varnish. You should not make that mistake if you want to get a more mellow sound.


Violin BowWell, the next thing which you should need to consider is the bow. There are most people who miss the bow when it comes to getting the quality Violin.

Did you know? Most of the violins don’t have a bow. But at the same time, it is easier to find as well. Whether you are buying a violin for intermediate or beginner, you must consider the bow.

For the beginner's violins, the bow has enough rosin. Being said that, it will come out when dragged across the strings.So you should look at the wear and tear on the now as compared to the previous models available on the market.

Here is a tip for you. If a bow is incredibly worn out, it means the violinist is trying to play hard. Therefore, it should be important to carefully notice for stress cracks as well as fractures before making a purchase.


Violin StringsIt is no doubt that strings are one of the most important violin parts to consider. There are so many beginner violinists that forget about it.

When you are going to get the violins, you should know about the strings. They should be “stock strings” which are replaceable.

However, if you are an intermediate player, then you should replace the strings after every 6 months for getting an awesome Violin experience.

If you are looking for replacing the strings in a second-hand violin, these types of strings on a violin can’t hold a pitch. It is because of their grimy and dirty look.

High-quality brands come with top strings, so get the best violin strings if you are serious about it. If you are willing to see other violin accessories, please check our accessories category.


Before making a purchase, it should be worth considering for the violin price. It is good to get a violin within a budget. It depends on your budget range to start looking for the Best Violins. Look for reliable brands so you can make a durable purchase.

Also, there are so many violins that don’t provide a case or bow. In such a case, you have to buy separately. So you should be sure about your budget range or how much is a violin?

Additionally, you should narrow down your needed things then go start by weeding out instruments that are not in your budget range.


Violin QualityNot only the price, but the quality is also one of the crucial aspects to look for. Whether you are investing smaller or higher payment, you should go for the better sound quality. After all, nobody likes to pay a heavy amount on useless things.

Furthermore, you should also check the structure as well as construction. That’s why we highly recommend wood material. It delivers a classic look as well as better quality.



 6-New or Used 

Well, there are two types of violins either you have to choose new or used. If you have a less budget, then we recommend you get a used violin. Also, if you have the interest to get a violin just as a decoration piece then, a used violin is good.

But for serious players, we recommend you to get the new one. So you should make sure that you did good enough research before getting one. It makes your bucks worthwhile.


Violin SizeWell, it is the most vital part when you are going to buy the Violins. If you are looking for a violin for children then smaller sizes are good to buy. It makes holding easier as well as comfortable.

However, if you are an adult, get what makes you comfortable while holding. There are so many violins that don’t feel comfortable while holding. So be sure about the size which suits your needs.





Violin FeelLast but not least, the feel is also important to look for. The Best Violin is one of those who offers a soft feel. It doesn’t mean expensive violins offer soft, feel. Most expensive violins are also there that feel horrible as well as uncomfortable to play.

The feel of the violin is an extension of your arms, hands, and shoulders. You should get feel which feels real/natural. It makes it comfortable to play the violins.

However, if it doesn’t feel comfortable, then you should change your technique of playing. If still, you face that problem, then change the violin.


Best Violin FAQs

 Which are the Best Violins?   How do I know a violin is valuable? 

There are certain things that make a violin valuable. These include:

  • Design
  • Sound
  • Craftsmanship
  • Feel
  • Price
 Are old violins worth spending? 

Well, if the violin offers the best quality, craftsmanship, sound, design, and feels, then it is worth spending. However, there are so many people who loved to get older ones because of their traditional techniques. If you want to catch one of the Best Violins for advanced players, then start looking for antique models to make your investment secure.

The Conclusion

All in all, we have compiled the Top Rated best Violin 2021. Now you have an idea that there are so many little things which makes violins better from others. However, we have listed the best one. We assure these allow you to get an enjoyable playing experience in a more smooth and comfortable way.

Be Happy!!